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VB 00901.020 Processing SSI Diaries and Alerts for Title VIII Cases

A. Background

Many diaries and alerts that are relevant to supplemental security income (SSI) eligibility or payment are not relevant to qualification for or entitlement to payments for Special Veterans Benefits (SVB). The policies and procedures for dealing with diaries and alerts are designed to avoid delaying the payment of SVB. They are also designed to avoid unnecessary development, or development that would likely be unproductive.

B. Policy

See VB 00102.001 ff. for an explanation of what factors are relevant to SVB qualification and payment. See VB 00205.105 for a detailed discussion of the kinds of income that can affect SVB qualification or payment.

1. Interfaces that are relevant to SVB, but generally do not produce diaries or alerts

The following interfaces are relevant to SVB qualification and payment, but generally do not produce diaries or alerts. Instead, income data interface electronically to the supplemental security record (SSR) monthly.

  • VA -- Pension and compensation data;

  • RRB -- Railroad Retirement Board pension data; and

  • OPM -- Office of Personnel Management (OPM) pension data.

See SI 02310.020, "Federal Benefit Interfaces."

See SM 02002.001 ff., which gives systems instructions for "SSI Interfaces," and describes the diaries and alerts that can be produced by the VA, RRB, and OPM interfaces.

2. SSI diaries/alerts that are NOT relevant to SVB

Diaries and alerts that are relevant to SSI, but irrelevant to SVB include those that have to do with earned income, non-pension income, resources, and living arrangements. Among the diaries/alerts for SSI are the "limited issue" diaries (see SI 02305.015 ff.). These require development of a specific issue or event (without conducting a redetermination). The following limited issue diaries are irrelevant to SVB:

  • 5B IRS match (1099 information)

  • D8 Title XIX facility match (admission and discharge information)

  • K6/K7 Master Earnings File (MEF) interface for recipient or deemor

  • K8/K9 Ineligible (spouse/parent) on the SSR attains age 65

  • KC Claimant or eligible spouse will be 100 years by the end of the fiscal year (Gerontology Project)

  • KE Disabled individual/spouse residing in Massachusetts or Nevada attains age 65

  • KZ SSI recipient appears to meet TII insured status & no Type A income on SSR

  • S2 Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) wage match

  • SB Savings bond match

  • DI Representative payee accounting for dedicated account (children)

3. SSI diaries/alerts that ARE relevant to SVB

The following limited issue diaries are relevant to SVB entitlement/payment:

  • 5H IRS match, pension information

  • U5 Unemployment compensation interface

  • D6 Death information reported for spouse

In addition, alerts that are generated by the match with the records of the Department of Defense (DOD) for military pension amounts are relevant to SVB (see SI 02310.020).

C. Procedures--Diaries and alerts

The lists above do not address all diaries/alerts. For any other diaries/alerts, determine if the discrepancy/issue is relevant to SVB or not.

Until the SSI System can be modified to preclude irrelevant diaries from being issued for SVB cases, follow these procedures:

1. Before SVB payments begin

Until SVB payments begin, follow the procedures you would follow for an SSI case. The fact that a person has inquired about SVB or applied for SVB does not mean necessarily that he/she will be found entitled to these benefits.

Do the development, and clear the diary and make systems transmissions under existing procedures. For limited issue diaries, see SI 02305.017. For computer match diaries, see SI 02310.005 ff. For other diaries or alerts, see appropriate instructions.

Do not delay SVB development/adjudication in order to resolve a diary/alert that is irrelevant to SVB eligibility or payment.

2. After SVB payments begin

a. Diary/alert relevant to SVB

Examples of this are the diaries for private pension income (5H), unemployment compensation income (U5), and death information (D6).

Do the development, make systems transmissions, and issue a notice, as described in VB 05001.001.

b. Diary/alert not relevant to SVB

Examples of this are the diaries for interest income (5B), savings bond ownership (SB), and earned income (S2).

Do not do the development. Clear the diary and make systems transmissions under existing instructions. See SI 02310.005. To clear an IRS (5B) diary, see SM 01301.950; for the field office resolution code, transmit “Z” (“FO investigation is complete”).

These diaries/alerts identify discrepancies/issues for past periods in which the person received SSI. However, because the person is outside the U.S. and is not receiving SSI, it would be difficult and expensive to do the development that would otherwise be required. It would be difficult for a person to comply with a request for evidence. Further, a person's failure to cooperate with a request for evidence associated with SSI eligibility/payment cannot lead to a suspension of SVB payments.

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