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VB 01503.005 Suspension, Stop-Payment and Benefit Reduction Events

A. Policy -- Suspension Events

The following events result in the suspension of SVB:

  • Cessation of residency outside the United States (loss of foreign residence);

  • Failure to provide information;

  • Whereabouts unknown;

  • Check returned for miscellaneous reasons;

  • Other benefit income precludes SVB; and

  • A disqualification event occurs.

SVB entitlement terminates (PSY T31) the first day of the 13th consecutive month after the effective date of a suspension that resulted from one (or a combination) of the above events as explained in VB 01505.005. Note: See SI 02301.205 on Suspension and Reestablishing Eligibility for SSI benefit payments.

B. Policy — Stop-Payment Events

The following events are considered stop-payment events for SVB purposes:

  • An SVB beneficiary who is a U.S. citizen or national resides in a Treasury-barred country;

  • An SVB beneficiary resides in an SSA-restricted country; and

  • Representative payee development is pending and direct payment would cause substantial harm to the beneficiary.

C. Policy — Benefit Reduction Event

An adjustment in other benefit income adversely affects the SVB payable for one or more months.

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