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VB 01503.715 Notice of SVB Resumptions From PSY S08

A. Policy

Any time a payee selection is effectuated, the beneficiary (or the person who can act for the beneficiary if he or she is legally incompetent) must be given formal notice of the action and include the identification of the person to be designated as the beneficiary's representative payee. The notice must also explain the right to:

  • appeal the determination that a representative payee is necessary for the qualified individual;

  • appeal the designation of a particular person to serve as the representative payee; and

  • review the evidence on which the representative payee designation was based.

B. Procedure

1. Representative Payee Assigned—Beneficiary Legally Incompetent

When SVB is resumed, the CPS will send a manual notice to the representative payee explaining the benefit resumption. A notice is not sent to the beneficiary.

2. Representative Payee Assigned During 1-Month Stop Payment Period

The CPS will send manual notices to the representative payee and the beneficiary to explain the resumption of SVB.

3. SVB Resumed After 1 Month—Representative Payee Development Continues

The CPS will prepare a manual notice advising the beneficiary that we are paying him or her directly. Explain that SVB withheld is not being paid until the best way to make payment is determined.

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