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SL 20001.240 Negotiations between the State and the Political Entity

Negotiations between a State and political subdivisions of the State in connection with coverage under the State's agreement are generally intrastate matters. The State determines for whom and whether and when to extend Section 218 coverage subject to the requirements of Section 218 of the Act. For example, whether and when to hold referenda on the coverage of services of individuals in positions under retirement systems is a matter to be determined under State and/or local law, subject to Section 218 requirements.


There are no Section 218 requirements that compel State or local government employers to provide information about Social Security coverage to employees. Absent a State or local law or regulatory requirement holding otherwise, the employer may decide whether to discuss Social Security coverage with its employees or to approach the State Social Security Administrator to pursue the extension of coverage. The issue is an internal matter between the State and the public employer.


The Act, Social Security regulations, and Section 218 requirements are silent on the issue of State and political subdivision negotiations, as is consistent with the voluntary nature of extending Section 218 coverage.

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SL 20001.240 - Negotiations between the State and the Political Entity - 12/11/2003
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