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SL 30001.315 Absolute Coverage Group (Section 218(b)(5))

An absolute coverage group includes all positions not under the retirement system either:


  • on September 1, 1954 or

  • on the applicable date (Section 218(e)(2) of the Act) of the agreement or modification (see SL 30001.375B and SL 40001.435).


Under certain circumstances, ineligibles (persons in positions under a retirement system but personally disqualified from membership) may be covered as part of the absolute coverage group. See SL 30001.340 for a discussion of retirement system ineligibles.


The absolute coverage group does not include positions mandatorily or optionally excluded from coverage under a Section 218 agreement.


The State does not need the consent of the affected employees to establish an absolute coverage group.


Once an absolute coverage group obtains coverage by a Section 218 Agreement or modification, the absolute coverage positions remain covered even if they later are brought under a retirement system.

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