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SL 30001.330 Divided Vote Referendum Authority (Section 218(d)(6))


Section 218(d)(6)(c) of the Act authorized 23 States and all interstate instrumentalities to divide a retirement system established by the State, a political subdivision thereof, or the interstate instrumentality based on whether the employees in positions under that system desire Social Security coverage. The States authorized and the dates of enactment of amendments that permitted this coverage are as follows:

Alaska (7-20-65)

California (8-30-57)

Connecticut (8-30-57)

Florida (8-1-56)

Georgia (8-1-56)

Hawaii (8-1-56)

Illinois (1-2-68)

Kentucky (3-2-04)

Louisiana (3-2-04)

Massachusetts (8-27-58)

Minnesota (8-30-57)

Nevada (7-23-64)

New Jersey (12-20-77)

New Mexico (6-30-61)

New York (8-1-56)

North Dakota (8-1-56)

Pennsylvania (8-1-56)

Rhode Island (8-30-57)

Tennessee (8-1-56)

Texas (9-13-60)

Vermont (8-27-58)

Washington (8-1-56)

Wisconsin (8-1-56)


These States and interstate instrumentalities may cover employees in retirement system positions on a majority-vote basis, if they prefer. A few States have never exercised the option of dividing a retirement system.


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