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SL 40001.415 Changing Provisions of Original Agreement


The State’s agreement must reflect the Federal statutory requirements with respect to coverage. Legislative provisions enacted by Congress and implemented by the State may require amendments to the agreement to reflect changes in Federal and State laws.


Amendments to the original agreement are made by modifications to the agreement. If the modification is changing the original agreement, it should be introduced by the following language:


    “The Commissioner of Social Security and the State of ________, acting through its representative designated to administer its responsibilities under the agreement of (date original agreement executed), hereby accept the following amendments to said agreement.”


    The introductory paragraph should be followed by the revisions to be made in the agreement.


If a State or interstate instrumentality agreement does not include retirement system group coverage in the definition of a “coverage group,” an amendment to the original agreement is necessary before coverage can be extended to positions covered under a retirement system. The modification should state:


Paragraph (4) of Part A of said agreement (Definitions) is amended to read:

The term “coverage group” means a coverage group as defined in Section 218(b)(5) of the Social Security Act, and for the purpose of Section 218(c) of the Social Security Act only, the term “coverage group” shall also mean a coverage group as defined in Section 218(d)(4) of the Social Security Act.

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SL 40001.415 - Changing Provisions of Original Agreement - 12/10/2003
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