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SL 40001.450 Error Modifications


A clerical or typographical error made in the preparation of a modification which does not affect the coverage, e.g., School District No. 12 incorrectly typed as School District No. 13, may be corrected by a statement over the signature of the State official.


If an error relates to the extent of the coverage or the effective date of coverage, an error modification is necessary. The error modification must clearly explain the nature of the error and request its correction. The State must provide evidence which establishes an error actually occurred. An example of acceptable evidence is a copy of the intrastate agreement of coverage between the State and the political entity. If this is not available, other evidence may include minutes of meetings or statements by appropriate officials stating the intent at the time Social Security coverage was requested. In addition, reporting practices must have been consistent with intent.


Generally, an error in an agreement or modification which can be corrected by a subsequent modification results from a situation where all individuals or agencies concerned took every action they believed necessary to effectuate the coverage desired, but through a clerical error, or some similar reason, failed to accomplish the objective.


Corrections are not limited to errors made by the State agency itself as an error on the part of a political entity may also be corrected.

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