SL 50001.000 Mandatory Coverage

Subchapter Table of Contents
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SL 50001.501Mandatory Social Security and Medicare ProvisionsBASIC 12-03
SL 50001.510Mandatory Medicare CoverageBASIC 12-03
SL 50001.520Continuing Employment ExceptionBASIC 12-03
SL 50001.530Services Not Subject to Mandatory Medicare CoverageBASIC 12-03
SL 50001.540Voluntary Medicare CoverageBASIC 12-03
SL 50001.550Mandatory Social Security and Medicare CoverageBASIC 12-03
SL 50001.560Services Not Subject to Mandatory Social Security and Medicare CoverageBASIC 12-03
SL 50001.570Effect of Mandatory Coverage on Section 218 CoverageBASIC 12-03
SL 50001.580Rehired AnnuitantsBASIC 12-03

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