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SL 80001.805 State’s Request for Review (Pre-1987)

Before 1987, Section 218(s) of the Act allowed a State to request administrative review of the following types of determinations issued to the State on wages paid prior to 1987:

  • an assessment by SSA of an amount due:

  • an allowance of a credit or refund of an overpayment; or

  • a disallowance of a State’s claim for credit or refund.

The State had to file the request for review within 90 days after notification from SSA of the determination. Section 218(t) of the Act provided States the right to appeal SSA’s decision on the above determinations in Federal court within 2 years of receiving the section 218(s) decision.


Although Sections 218(s) and (t) of the Act were repealed, Section 218(t) still applies to determinations SSA issued pursuant to section 218(s) and the 2 year period for filing an appeal in Federal court has not expired.

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