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SL 90005.001 Transmittal 1 to SL 60001, May 2005

Part 19 State and Local Coverage Handbook

Chapter 600 Employment

Subchapter 01 Employment



State Social Security Administrators

Regional Offices—RSI Team Leaders

Parallel Social Security Field Offices—District Managers

Regional General Counsel Staff


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POMS section SL 60001.642 contains information on the types of court reporters for purposes of coverage under Section 218 Agreements and the mandatory coverage provisions. Court reporters can be employees of a State or local government entity, private firm, or they can be self employed. This section is a reinstatement of material originally posted as Section 617 in the August 1995 version of the State and Local Handbook (SSA-Pub. No. 16-055). Section 617 was removed when the Handbook was posted online.


Summary of Changes

SL 60001.642 Court Reporters

This section has been reinstated and revised to reflect the following changes: .

  • Reestablished entire State and Local Coverage Handbook section that was omitted when the Handbook was put online.

  • Provided instructions to assist SSA staff in distinguishing court reporters who are engaging in government employment from self employed and private sector court reporters.

  • Update POMS references.

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