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SL 90005.503 August 25, 2005 Action Items

A. 08/25/2005 Action Items


SL 10001.101 Purpose of SLCH


Added the last two paragraphs below:

The SLCH was originally a paper publication that existed separately from the rest of the Social Security's operations manuals and included the necessary information and materials needed to carry out the Social Security and Medicare coverage provisions for State and local government employees.


In keeping with its ongoing paper reduction program as well as utilizing a format that would easily permit continual procedural and editorial changes, Social Security decided that the SLCH would be made an online publication; and the best way to accomplish this was to integrate the SLCH into Social Security's online Program Operations Manual System. As of its December 2003 online publication, the online SLCH became the version of record, obsoleting previous paper editions, and the only version that will have procedural updates.

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