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SL 90007.001 Transmittal 3 to SL 40001, September 2007

Part 19 – State and Local Coverage Handbook
Chapter 400 – Agreements and Modifications
Subchapter 01 – Agreements and Modifications


State Social Security Administrators
Regional Offices—RSI Team Leaders
Parallel Social Security Field Offices—District Managers
Regional General Counsel Staff


Originating Component



Effective Date

Upon Receipt




This transmittal provides a better delineation and explanation of the error modification and Section 218(e)(3) processes used in the correction of a political subdivision’s erroneous reporting of Social Security contributions for its employees without a Section 218 coverage modification being in place. It contains no policy changes.


Summary of Changes


SL 40001.001 SLCH Subchapter 40001 - PDF File

Contains an inclusive printable document to Subchapter 40001.


SL 40001.465 Modifications to Correct Errors


The primary changes have been to expand upon and clarify the Section 218(e)(3) correction process, including a more detailed explanation of the process, its historical background, and appropriate language to be included in a Section 218(e)(3) modification. In addition, an updated and expanded version of the “Error Modification versus Section 218(e)(3) Modification Chart” that appeared in previous paper editions of the State and Local Handbook is being included.

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