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SL 90011.501 Action Items for 2011

A. 09/30/2011 Action Items

SL 15005.020 Desk Guide to Modifications and Dissolutions

Subsection C.4., changed to:

"4. No IRS refund—The State will provide verification that a refund has not been issued for the erroneous payments."

Subsection D.2., 3rd bullet, changed to:

"The state administrator submits the modification and other documents to SSA for review and approval, see SL 40001.420G.3."

B. 07/06/2011 Action Items

SL 30001.345 Police Officers and Firefighters

Subsection A - inserted the following paragraph immediately after the first paragraph:

"Notwithstanding the general rules stated above, State statutes and court decisions are not controlling of whether a position meets the Social Security definition of "police officer." To determine whether a position meets the Social Security definition of "police officer," it may be necessary to review police force positions on an individual case-by-case basis. For Section 218 coverage purposes, one must consider the extent that the duties of the position correspond with the above-stated characteristics of the police force. If a preponderance of the position's duties falls within one or more of the three characteristics of maintaining order, preventing and detecting crime, and enforcing laws, Social Security would consider that position to be one that would constitute a "police officer" position."

C. 05/10/2011 Action Items

SL 40001.420 Modifications to the Original Agreement

Subsection G.3, paragraph under the label Required language -- removed the word Government and replaced it with the word Political. Added a second paragraph that reads: “See SL 40001.490H for exhibits of closing agreement modifications.”

D. 04/25/2011 Action Items

SL 40001.480 Termination of Section 218 Agreements

Prior to April 20, 1983 a State's coverage agreement under Section 218(g) of the Social Security Act could be terminated for State and local entities. These fell into three basic categories:

  • Section 218(g) (1) voluntary terminations

  • Section 218 (g)(2) involuntary terminations by the Secretary for failure to comply with the agreement

  • Section 218 (g)(2) terminations when an entity dissolved (legally went out of existence). These were called PARTIAL TERMINATIONS, but since April 20,1983, they have been referred to as DISSOLUTIONS.

E. 04/22/2011 Action Items

SL 40001.420 Modifications to the Original Agreement

Revised Section G3 replaces 'The State of'' with "Name of Government Entity."

F. 02/07/2011 Action Items

SL 40001.465 Modifications to Correct Errors

Changed Subsection B (Erroneous Reports Without Coverage) sentence to read as follows:

“Or, an entity without a Section 218 Agreement or a retirement system for its employees has been withholding and reporting Social Security since before July 2, 1991.”

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