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SL 90013.501 Action Items for 2013

A. 07/15/2013

SL 50001.520 Continuing Employment Exception

Revised the first sentence in the first paragraph to read: “Services performed after March 31, 1986 and before July 2, 1991, by an employee who was hired by a State or political subdivision employer before April 1, 1986, are exempt from mandatory Medicare coverage if the employee meets all of the following requirements:”

Immediately following the four bullet in the first paragraph, added the following: “NOTE: For services performed beginning July 2, 1991 and thereafter, the employee must meet all the requirements shown in the list above and be a member of a qualifying retirement system to be exempt from mandatory Medicare coverage. (See SL 50001.550.)”

B. 05/03/2013 Action Item

SL 30001.323 Majority Vote Referendum Process (Section 218(d)(4))

Subsection F, 2nd bullet, and next paragraph, 1st and 2nd sentences, added the word "group" after "same retirement system."

C. 03/04/2013 Action Item

SL 50001.530 Services Not Subject to Mandatory Medicare Coverage

Updated the URL for the Election Worker chart to:

D. 01/15/2013 Action Item

SL 30001.357 Optional Exclusions

Subsection C: second paragraph, removed the last sentence and replaced it with the following: "For calendar years 2009 through 2012, the threshold amount was $1,500. Beginning January 1, 2013 and going forward, the election worker threshold amount increases to $1,600 a calendar year."

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