Emergency Messages

Instruction ID Effective DateTitle
EM-1402303/27/2014Enumeration: Processing Name and Date of Birth Determinations for Foreign-Born Adopted Children under the Accuracy for Adoptees Act – One Time Only Instructions
EM-1401303/17/2014Emergency and Expedited Procedures Related to Claimants with a Veterans Affairs (VA) Disability Compensation Rating of 100 Percent Permanent and Total
EM-1401703/11/2014Same-sex marriages in New Mexico—One-Time-Only Instruction
EM-1401603/04/2014PSC Processing of Windfall Offset Diaries—Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1401502/25/2014Changes to law involving same-sex marriage in Hawaii, Illinois, and Oregon — One-Time-Only Instruction
EM-1401402/21/2014Handling inquiries due to receipt of a Department of the Treasury (Treasury) notice explaining a processing error in the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) -- One-Time Only Instruction
EM-1400902/06/2014Upcoming Service Changes: SSN Printouts and Benefit Verification Letters in Field Offices
EM-13045 REV201/30/2014Addressing Padro Class Action Settlement Questions from the Public -- One–Time-Only Instructions
EM-1400801/29/2014Direct Employees to Replace Recent Shipment of Forms SSA-1099-F2-INST (01-2014) with Subsequent Revised and Corrected Shipment of Forms SSA-1099-F2-INST (01-2014) – One-Time Only Instructions
EM-1305512/26/2013New Standard Fee and Form (SSA-7050) for Processing Requests for Detailed Earnings Information
EM-1305312/16/2013Same-Sex Marriages in New Jersey—One-Time-Only Instruction
EM-1305112/09/2013Changes to Fee Remittance Policy
EM-13020 REV11/27/2013Implementation of the MySocialSecurity (MySSA) Help Desk
EM-1304911/26/2013Changes for Distributing SSI TeleTrace Referrals to the Field Office (FO)
EM-1304811/21/2013Change in Routing Instructions for Returned Unendorsed Benefit Checks—Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1304711/18/2013FY 2014 Redeterminations – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1304210/22/2013Changes to Social Security Number Application Process (SSNAP) and the Numident Correction Processing (e3278)
EM-1303910/17/2013Claims Alien Eligibility and Evidence: Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) and Form I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record) Automation -One-Time-Only Instruction
EM-1303710/04/2013Responding to Questions about the Debt Ceiling
EM-1303309/26/2013Supplemental Security Income Wage Reporting - SSI Mobile Wage Reporting (SSIMWR) Application and SSI Telephone Wage Reporting System (SSITWR) – Goldberg Kelly (GK) Release
EM-1303209/25/2013Closing of Bureau of Fiscal Service’s (Fiscal Service’s) Check Resolution Division (CRD) in Hyattsville—Teleservice Operating Guide (TSCOG) instructions will follow shortly
EM-1303009/13/2013Disability Determination Services (DDS) Removal of the Terminal Illness (TERI) Case Flag
EM-13023 REV08/13/2013On-Request Mailing of Social Security Statements via MySSA
EM-13017 REV08/07/2013Elimination of Some Notice Enclosures to Reduce Printing and Mailing Costs
EM-13014 REV08/06/2013Changes to the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Reclamation Process Within the Regional Financial Centers (RFC) – POMS Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1302407/16/2013Distributing Fees When All Appointed Representatives Who Are Not Members of the Same Entity as Those with an Approved Fee Agreement Waive Their Fees—POMS Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-13013 REV207/09/2013Disaster Procedures – Bombings at the Boston Marathon– One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-12051 REV07/09/2013Change in requirement to obtain SSA-21 due to the September 29, 2012 release of the iClaim application– Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1302106/20/2013Changes to the Social Security Number (SSN) Printout Process
EM-1301906/14/2013Office Hours on the SSNAP Generated SSA-L676, Refusal to Process SSN Application
EM-1301204/24/2013Disaster Procedures – Fertilizer Plant Explosion in Texas- ONE-TIME ONLY INSTRUCTIONS
EM-1301104/16/2013One-Time Payment of Retroactive Increase in Washington, DC’s State Supplement Amount to Residents of Adult Foster Care Homes -- One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1300703/15/2013Discontinuation of Federally Administered Massachusetts Optional State Supplement (OSS) to SSI Recipients – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1300603/08/2013Handling Inquiries Related to Sequestration
EM-1300402/21/2013Federal Tax Refunds and Advanced Tax Credits for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1300202/04/2013Instructions for Producing Replacement and Corrected SSA-1099 and SSA-1042S, Social Security Benefit Statements, in Special Notice Option (SNO) Formats -- One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1205212/31/2012Time Limit for Filing Claims for Medicare Part A and Part B Services
EM-12036 REV210/11/2012Announcing New Standard Fees for Processing Non-Program-Related Requests for SSA Records Information - Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1203708/29/2012Enumeration: Changes to Evidence of Immigration Status for Foreign Students (F1/F2 or M1/M2) and Exchange Visitors (J1/J2) – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1203107/02/2012Cross Program Recovery (CPR) – Mandatory Adjustments of Title II, Title VIII, and Title XVI Benefits to Recover Other Program Overpayments -- Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1202906/21/2012Resources Available to Provide Information on Work Incentives other than the WIPA Program
EM-1202506/07/2012Revised Paper G-845 and G-845 Supplement – Instructions for Claims and Post-entitlement Requests - Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1201704/25/2012New Representative Payee System (RPS) remark of the RPFQ screen “RP Applicant on PUPS” Database”—Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-12004 REV03/02/2012New Procedures for Form SSA-1695 – Identifying Information for Possible Direct Payment of Authorized Fee
EM-1106611/10/2011Change to Requirement for Obtaining Form SSA-21 - Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1105508/31/2011Medicare Attainments and Leads Process (MALP) Website
EM-11034 REV05/24/2011Adoption Policies and Changed Vocational Profile
EM-1102504/19/2011Special Disability Workload (SDW) – Closure of SDW Cadres and Revised Business Process for Post-SDW Cases One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1101102/24/2011Loss of Income Payments – Gulf Oil Spill
EM-10066 REV12/28/2010Special Disability Workload (SDW) – Business Process for Review of SDW Underpayments Equal to or Greater Than $100,000 - One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1009412/28/2010Special Disability Workload (SDW) – New Website and Name Change for Look-Alike Cases – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1009012/20/2010Case Processing Information on the Pre-effectuated Cases Sampled By the New ODAR Appeals Council Quality Review Branch—One-Time- Only Instructions
EM-1005908/09/2010Special Disability Workload (SDW) – Discontinuance of SDW PO BOX 17791 – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1005808/06/2010Electronic Case Routing Before a Final Determination- Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1003004/09/2010Special Enrollment Period for TRICARE
EM-1002303/23/2010Extension of Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrants’ SSI Eligibility to Seven Years ─ One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1001102/02/2010Special Disability Workload (SDW) – Non-Responder for Phase 6 Bucket 2 – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-09038 SEN05/14/2009Benefit Verifications for Housing Agencies---INFORMATION
EM-08071 REV08/11/2008Processing Instructions - Premium HI for Individuals in Part A Buy-In States Who Do Not Have Medicare Part B – Instructions Will Follow Shortly