POMS Recent Changes

Instruction ID Effective DateTitle
GN 02401 TN 2504/21/2014Checks – General Information
NL 03001 BASIC04/21/2014Limited Payability Notices
DI 51501 TN 0404/14/2014Subsequent Disability Applications
DI 23022 TN 1104/12/2014Processing Quick Disability Determination (QDD) and Compassionate Allowance (CAL) in the Disability Determination Services (DD
GN 02402 TN 5204/10/2014Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
DI 23030 TN 0104/09/2014Suicide/Homicide
GN 00210 TN 0704/02/2014Windsor Same-Sex Marriage Claims
GN 00210 TN 0604/02/2014Windsor Same-Sex Marriage Claims
GN 00305 TN 4503/25/2014Proof of Marital Relationship
HI 00803 TN 0103/22/2014Medicare Entitlement for Individuals Exposed to Environmental Health Hazards (EHH)
GN 02315 TN 1203/19/2014Small Estate Statutes
DI 11030 TN 0203/13/2014Federal Medical Evidence of Record (FEDMER)
DI 51501 TN 0303/06/2014Subsequent Disability Applications
GN 00502 TN 4102/28/2014Determining the Need for, Developing and Selecting a Representative Payee
GN 00502 TN 4002/28/2014Determining the Need for, Developing and Selecting a Representative Payee
GN 02607 TN 2002/28/2014Prisoner Provisions
DI 55030 TN 0302/27/2014Earnings Verification for Ticket Users
GN 02408 TN 2102/25/2014Stop Payments and Reclamations
GN 04440 TN 2102/25/2014Federal Quality Review of Disability Determinations
SI 01130 TN 6702/19/2014Resources Exclusions
SI 01150 TN 1602/19/2014Other Resources Provisions