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Intended Audience: All ODAR Hearing Level Employees
Originating Office:ODAR Office of the Chief Administrative Law Judge
Title:Handling of Hearing Recordings - Reminder
Type:Chief Judge Bulletins
Program:All Programs
Link To Reference:HALLEX I-2-8-50
Retention Date: Indefinite

The Appeals Council has reported that a significant number of hearing recordings are being lost and cannot be recovered, thus necessitating remand of the case and the scheduling of another hearing. To avoid remands for lost recordings of hearings, please make sure the following is done:

General Information
    Use only the current approved digital recording units to record hearings. If the digital recording unit is unavailable, the hearing MUST be rescheduled.

Certified Electronic Folders
    A digital recording ID number is assigned to each scheduled hearing. This number is entered on the Hearing Information Screen of the DR laptop. If this number is incorrect, the digital recording will go to the wrong electronic folder.

    NON-LAN connected digital recording equipment – Digital recordings must be manually uploaded into the electronic folder using the “Copy DR from CD to FECS Server” utility.

    LAN connected digital recording equipment – Upload process is automatic and occurs when the digital recording session is closed. See the Digital Recording Export to DMA for complete instructions.
    Make sure the digital recording is in the Multimedia Files Section of the certified electronic folder (CEF) BEFORE closing the case. As with all documents that have been added to the electronic folder, a staff member must review the recording to verify that it has successfully uploaded. Once this verification process has been completed, the digital recording CD should be shredded. Do not send a CD to MIMS for these cases.

Official Paper Folders
    The official hearing recording for a paper file is on a CD or audio tape. Follow existing procedures in HALLEX I-2-8-50 Hearing office personnel should not wait until they have a box full of recordings before entering information into MIMS. A delay in entering the information results in the Appeals Council getting an appeal and being unable to determine if the recording is lost or is awaiting information to be entered into the MIMS system.
Direct all program–related and technical questions to your RO support staff. RO support staff may refer questions or unresolved issues to their Headquarters’ contacts in my office.
CJB-08-01 - Handling of Hearing Recordings - Reminder - 01/02/2008