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Intended Audience:All RCs/ARCs/ADs/FOs/TSCs/PSCs/OCO/OHOHQ/OAROHQ
Originating Office:ORDP OISP
Title:Enumeration: Temporary Option for Accepting Secondary Level Documents as Proof of Identity for U.S. Citizens in Limited Situations
Type:EM - Emergency Messages
Program:Records Maintenance (Earnings & Enumeration)
Link To Reference:See References at the end of this EM.
Retention Date: October 05, 2022

A. Purpose
This emergency message (EM) temporarily allows U.S. citizens, who require a replacement Social Security Number (SSN) card and are unable to visit a Social Security Administration (SSA) office due to Covid-19 restrictions, the flexibility to submit secondary proof of identity (POI) documents as an alternative to the required primary documents as listed in RM 10210.420.

NOTE: This temporary process uses existing acceptable secondary evidence for SSN replacement cards and does not change current POI policy requirements for claims and post-entitlement workloads.

B. Background
With the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. citizens seeking a replacement SSN card, who do not meet the criteria to apply via Internet SSN Replacement Cards (iSSNRC) (see RM 10205.630), must apply for a replacement card by mailing in their application along with the required POI evidence. Based on our current policy in RM 10210.420, the evidence is the document with the highest probative value that is available to the applicant or that the applicant could obtain within 10 business days. Normally, that document would be the applicant’s State DL or State ID.

C. Temporary Instructions
During the COVID-19 pandemic while the public generally cannot visit the local offices, we are
temporarily allowing the flexibility in certain situations to accept the alternative forms of ID that already exist in the Program Operations Manual System (POMS), and are programmed into the Social Security Number Application Process (SSNAP) system.

Temporarily, U. S citizens, who mail in an SSN replacement card application and meet one of the exceptions within this EM, will not be required to submit the document with the highest probative value in their possession. Applicants will temporarily be able to mail currently unexpired and valid secondary level POI document acceptable by SSA, regardless of whether they have a primary POI document.

All POI documents must meet the rigorous document evaluation standards for authenticity currently outlined in POMS (see RM 10210.210 and RM 10210.405 through RM 10210.420) and enforced within the SSNAP system.

This option will be available for U.S citizens’ mailed-in SSN replacement card applications when:

      · The applicant does not have a DL or state ID from an iSSNRC state per RM 10205.630;
      · The applicant is unable to use mySSA/iSSNRC replacement card applications online;
      · The applicant is unwilling or unable to mail primary level evidence (State issued DL/ID or U.S. Passport); and/or
      · The proper applicant is applying on behalf of the numberholder (NH).
    NOTE: In certain name change situations where a name change document meets certain criteria, the document can be used as both POI and proof of a legal name change. This option is only for a name change situation. For more information, see RM 10212.015D.

    Direct all program–related and technical questions to your Regional Office (RO) support staff. RO support staff may refer questions or issues to their Central Office contacts.

    RM 10205.630 Internet SSN Replacement Cards (iSSNRC) Policy
    RM 10210.210 Reviewing Age, Identity, Citizenship and Lawful Alien Status Evidence for an
    SSN Card
    RM 10210.405 Evidence of Identity for an SSN Card
    RM 10210.410 How Do you Examine, Evaluate, and Assess Documents Submitted as Evidence
    of Identity
    RM 10210.415 How to Prioritize Acceptable Identity Documents
    RM 10210.420 Priority List of Acceptable Evidence of Identity Documents
    RM 10212.015 Evidence Requirements to Process a Name Change on the SSN

    EM-21018 - Enumeration: Temporary Option for Accepting Secondary Level Documents as Proof of Identity for U.S. Citizens in Limited Situations - 03/05/2021