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SI 01310 TN 11
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Part SI – Supplemental Security Income
Chapter 013 – Deeming
Subchapter 10 – Deeming, General
Transmittal No. 11, 04/01/2021



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This transmittal provides new procedures for the peer review process for cases requiring manual deeming. We also made minor edits to comply with plain language guidelines.

Summary of Changes

SI 01310.040 Documentation Requirements in Deeming Cases

Subsection B.3., new instruction explains when manual deeming is necessary and who is authorized to conduct peer reviews.

Subsection B.4., new instruction defines peer review and details the peer review process.

Subsection B.5., new instructions for documenting a manual deeming peer review.

SI 01310.040 Documentation Requirements in Deeming Cases

A. Why we document claims

We document a claim for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits to show that an individual meets all of the eligibility requirements. We require additional documentation for an eligible individual who is subject to deeming from an ineligible spouse, parent, essential person, or sponsor.

B. How to document deeming cases

1. Rules for development and documentation

Generally, information you must develop and document for an eligible individual you must also develop and document for a deemor or an ineligible child who is material to the deeming computation.

EXCEPTION: Apply this general rule unless instructions give specific development, documentation, and verification requirements for deemors and ineligible children as detailed in SI 01300.000. For documentation of deeming waiver cases, see SI 01310.206.

2. Developmental tolerances

In certain situations, developmental tolerances may be used in processing SSI initial claims or posteligibility actions (e.g., redeterminations).

Apply the same developmental tolerances to documentation and verification requirements for an eligible individual to a deemor and ineligible child, unless modified by specific instructions in this section.

EXAMPLE: The instructions for form SSA-8203-BK, Statement for Determining Continuing Eligibility Supplemental Security Income Payments, describes a developmental tolerance for unearned income changes due to interfaces, see SI 02305.099F. Unless otherwise stated in instructions for specific types or sources of such income, this developmental tolerance also applies to the income of a deemor, see SI 01320.001.

3. Authorizing manual deeming transmissions

In most cases the automated system correctly computes the amount of deemed income. In some situations the system cannot compute the amount of deemed income correctly. For situations involving manually computed deemed income, see SM 01305.330. When manual deeming is necessary, manual deeming computations (V type income amounts) must undergo peer review.

Management will designate employees at the claims specialist level or higher to process and review manual deeming computations and transmissions.

4. Peer review

We refer to the review of manual deeming computation and transmission by a second employee as "peer review." A second employee (known as the reviewing employee) conducts a peer review by examining

  • the record;

  • the accompanying documentation to ensure appropriate use of manual deeming; and

  • the accurate payment amount(s).

The reviewing employee completes and documents the manually deemed income peer review prior to actual transmission by the initiating employee.

5. Documenting the peer review

a. SSI Claims system cases

The reviewing employee uses a Report of Contact (DROC), to document the following

  • the reason manual deeming is necessary;

  • the months covered in the manual deeming transmission;

  • the method of computation used (i.e., Title XVI Interactive Computations or paper monthly deeming worksheets);

  • confirms all documents used in the manual computation were faxed into the certified electronic file (CEF) or NDRed, if one exists; and

  • adds the following remark on the Supplemental Security Record (SSR) indicating that the manual deeming computation was reviewed for accuarcy, "Manually deemed comps apply for this case. See DROC for review and dates manual deeming applies."

The reviewing employee then locks the screen to protect the contents.

b. Non-MSSICS cases

The reviewing employee documents information as required or instructed in this section

  • completes an SSA 5002, Report of Contact (ROC), indicating the method of computation used (i.e., Title XVI Interactive Computations or paper monthly deeming worksheets);

  • stores the completed ROC in NDRed or the CEF, if one exists; and

  • adds the following remark on the SSR indicating the accuracy of the manual deeming computation review, "Manually deemed comps apply for this case. See ROC for review and dates manual deeming applies."

C. References

SI 00810.620 Estimating income - interaction with deeming

MS 02300.000 Interactive Computation Facility T16 - Table of Contents

SI 01310 TN 11 - Deeming, General - 4/01/2021