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RM 05015 TN 1
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Title:Earnings Inquiries Control System
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Part RM – Records Maintenance
Chapter 050 – Correspondence - Filing, Control, Monitoring
Subchapter 15 – Earnings Inquiries Control System
Transmittal No. 1, 04/06/2020



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Summary of Changes

RM 05015.003 Preparing and Handling Form SSA-6629 - General

Updated language, component names, and updated subject codes.


RM 05015.004 Completing Form SSA-6629 to Reflect Updating Actions

Updated language and component names

RM 05015.003 Preparing and Handling Correspondence Control Sheet Form SSA-6629 - General

A. Process

If correspondence is received from an employer, institiution, lawyer or other third party questioning, correcting, etc., an employee's/beneficiary's record, the case is controlled under the name of the employee/beneficiary utilizing Form SSA-6629, Correspondence Control Sheet. The is entered and controlled by the Managment Information Control for Earnings System (MICES).

B. Exhibit — Form SSA-6629


SSA Form 6629 for correspondance control.

C. Procedure — Preparing Form SSA-6629

Complete the entries on Form SSA-6629 as shown below.

1. Control ID (CID)

Place a bar code label in this space.

2. Social Security Number (SSN)

  • Fill in the 9-digit SSN.

  • For employee alphabetical, fill in your 3-digit mod number and the last 6-digits of the CID.

3. EIN (Employer Identification Number)

  • Fill in the 9-digit EIN.

  • For the employer alphabetical, fill in your 3-digit mod number and the last 6-digit of the CID.

4. Name - Employee - (EE)

  • Fill in last name, first name, middle initial up to the first 20 letters characters.. If last name contains less than 20 letters enter as much of the first name and middle initial that space allows. Place commas in between each name.

NOTE: Do not enter courtesy titles (e.g., Mr., Brother, General, Doctor).

Fill in “no name” if only a SSN is provided..

Note: Cases that require a signature (e.g., pension fund requests) must be returned and should not be controlled without a proper signature.

5. Employer (ER)

  • Fill in the employer's name as it is shown on the incoming correspondence. Abbreviate only when letterhead or signature block shows name abbreviated (e.g., ITT).

EXCEPTION: Do not show articles “a” “an” and “the” if they appear as the first word of the employer's name.

  • Skip a space after each word in the name.

  • Enter “no name” if only the EIN is provided..

NOTE:  Cases that require a signature (e.g., pension fund requests), must be returned and should not  be controlled without proper signature.

6. Initiate Date

Enter a 6 digit date (YYMMDD).

NOTE: Do not enter a date later than the current date.

  • Letters - Use the date on the postmark. If the date on the postmark is illegible or unavailable, use the date of the letter. If neither of these is available, use the earliest time stamp date shown on the envelope or the letter that indicates the age of the correspondence. If none of the above exists, use the current date.

  • SSA communications - Use the date of the most recent communication. If there is none, use the earliest time stamp date shown on the most recent communication.

  • Reimbursables - Use the date the request was signed by the wage earner or his/her guardian.

NOTE: Do not use any other date.

7. Receipt Date

Enter the 6-digit time stamp date (YYMMDD) the case was received in the Mailroom.

NOTE: The receipt date is the current date.

8. Subject Code (Subject Matter Code)

Fill in the appropriate 2-digit/letter code.

Subject Code Name Definition




Back Pay


Back Pay Hawaii

Back pay is payment received in one period for actual or deemed employment in an earlier period. It includes pay made under Federal or State laws intended to create an employment relationship or to protect an employee's right to wages. The employee need not have worked during the period in question.
PI Privacy Act Requests

Request for yearly totals and/or non- certified detailed earnings information.

CT62 Catch 62 CSRS pensions normally include credit for military service after 1956. When the numberholder attains age 62 that service is used by SSA and OPM may need to adjust the CSRS pension
DI Disagreement A number holder (N/H) or a third party contacts SSA disagreeing with posted earnings, or alleges earnings not shown on our records.
EN05 Live SS5
GM General Miscellaneous Correspondence from persons requesting information about the Social Security program.
IRSW Internal Revenue Scramble Wages Form 3857. An IRS request for assistance in cases where two or more individuals filed a tax return using the same Social Security number.
LN Live Numident Provides Numident printouts to individuals and third party.
PAW2 Privacy Act W-2 Privacy Act W-2 request for a particular year or years. Also includes requests from employers for their Employer’s Report which is the Form W-3 Transmittal Wage and Tax Statement and Forms W-2.
SW Scrambled Wages Two or more individuals using the same SSN.
ICER Informational Certified Earnings Record System

The Division of Earnings and Business Services (DEBS) receives ICERS online and/or paper. DEBS process the action to satisfy the conditions that prevent (MCS) from generating a certified earnings record.

W2ER W-2 Employer Report Employer submitted wage report


If the new case is an employer, fill in the last 2-digit of the year if available.

10. ERF NUMID MBR or Less

Fill in a “Y” if a printout is needed. The system will generate the current date. Leave blank if you do not need a printout.


Use this area for the cross-reference information. It can consist of any alphabetical, numerical or alpha-numerical data up to 40 characters in length.

12. Prepared By

Fill in the clerk number of the individual preparing the form.

D. Procedure — Associating case related materials

Associate the case-related materials which will be used for establishing control and working the case as follows:

  • Assemble and staple together the form(s) SSA-6629, scouting form(s) (if any) and the case related material.

  • Hand-carry the materials to the mod's control area and place them in the receptacle set aside for new cases.

RM 05015.004 Completing Form SSA-6629 to Reflect Updating Actions

A. Introduction

These instructions are to be used in the Update section after a case has been initially controlled and entered into the Management Information Control for Earnings System (MICES).

B. Procedure - New Location diary due date

Complete the “new location” portion of the SSA-6629 to reflect the movement of a case as follows. Fill in the 5, 6, or 8 digit code indicating the location to which the case is being moved. Follow the chart below.

1.  Module (MOD)

Fill-In 1NNXXXMM as follows:

“1” is a constant (preprinted on form) indicating a DCC module, “NN” is the 2-digit module number;
“XXX” is the 3-character function code; and “MM” is the 2-digit Technician Number. (See listing below)

Fill-in For...
AIC Accounts Investigate Code
COE Coverage Examiner
DHF Development Request
ECT Claims Technician
MHF Interface Request
REC Reconsideration Specialist
REV Review Clerk
SHF Systems Hold File
TYP Typing

2. SSA Field Office (FO)

Fill in 2RRXXX as follows:

2 is a constant indicating a field office location, RR is the region code, XXX is an alpha/numeric FO code (See Service Area Directory for code).

3. External agency

Fill in 3CCCC as follows:

3 is a constant indicating external, non-FO. CCCC is a 4 character external code. See listing below.

Fill-in For...
2000 Division of Earnings and Business Services (DEBS)
2002 Earnings Adjustment Branch (EAB)
2004 Earnings Fianace and Emeration Unit (EFEU)
2005 Office of Claims and Payment Requirements (OCPR)
3000 “IRS pending” case
3001 “VA Unit Pending” case
3002 “OIP pending” case
3003 Division of International Operations (DIO) PC8“ pending” case redeveloped with CDB, (Claims Development Branch)
3004 Assistant Regional Commissioner Field Operations Pending
3005 Administrative Law Judge Pending
3006 Northwestern (NEPSC) PC1 Payment Service Center Pending
3007 Mid-Atlantic (MATPSC) PC2 Payment Service Center Pending
3008 Southeastern (SEPSC) PC3 PaymentService Center Pending
3009 Great Lakes (GL) Program Service Center Pending
3010 Mid-America (MAM) Program Service Center Pending
3011 Western (WN) Program Service Center Pending
3012 Office of Disability Operations Pending
3333 District Employer Correspondence Holding File
4444 Direct W-2 Correspondence Holding File
  • Fill in the 6-digit (YYMMDD) diary date on which some action is to be taken on an Earnings Discrepancy (ED) case.

  • Write your initials in the space provided.

C. Procedure - disposition codes

See chart below for symbols indicating the disposition.

1. General

Fill-in For...
BENE Beneficiary
OCRO Branch within OCRO
CL Claims
DOS Division of Operations Services
ER Employer
GESS Generalized Earnings Statement System
RWE Return to Wage Earner
R3PTY Return to Third Party
SSN Social Security Number
SSO Social Security Office
Staff Office “S”, Branch reference Symbol and an alphabetic “O”
UIS Unemployment Insurance service
WE Wage Earner
3PTY Third Party Reply

2. Federal Agencies

Field Field Office
AOA Administration on Aging
DOE Department of Education
IRO1-IR10 Internal Revenue District Office
NAN No Answer Necessary
NLRB National Labor Relations Board
OFA Office of Family Assistance
PHS Public Health Service
SC SC plus Service Center Number
TR Treasury Department
VA Veterans Administration

3. SSA Offices

Fill-in For...
OACT Office Actuary
ODO Office of Disability Operations
OGA Office of Government Affairs
OLRP Office of Legislative and Regulatory Policy
OMBP Office of Management, Budget and Personnel
OPI Office of Public Inquiries
OPSC Office of Program Service Centers

4. Program Service Centers

Fill-in For...
OIO Office of International Operations
GLPSC Great Lakes
MAMPSC Mid-America
MATPSC Mid-Atlantic
NEPSC Northwestern
SEPSC Southwestern
WNPSC Western

NOTE: When disposition code is OCRO, Field, IRO1-IR10 or SSO, show specific location in comment field on SSA-6629.

  • Detach SSA-6629 from case materials.

  • Dispose of all case related material in accordance with established procedures.

  • Enter your initials in the space provided.

D. Procedure - earnings discrepancy

To handle an ED, check (✓ ) the current date block and fill in your initials.

E. Procedure - miscellaneous updates

To update (make corrections) to certain information already entered in the control record do the following:

  • If the output for one or more interfaces is needed check (✓ )  the appropriate box.

  • Fill in the information you need corrected in the appropriate space.

  • Write your initials in the appropriate space.

  • Place the forms SSA-6629 and all case related material in the receptacle set aside in each mod for updating actions.

RM 05015 TN 1 - Earnings Inquiries Control System - 4/06/2020