Identification Number:
NL 00901 TN 17
Intended Audience:See Transmittal Sheet
Originating Office:DCO OCO Center for Program Support
Title:OEO Notices and Letters
Type:POMS Transmittals
Program:All Programs
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Part NL – Notices, Letters and Paragraphs
Chapter 009 – OEO Notices, Letters, and Paragraphs
Subchapter 01 – OEO Notices and Letters
Transmittal No. 17, 04/14/2020


OEO: BSB ERT, BSB System Operator, DBS;

Originating Component


Effective Date

Upon Receipt


These sections are being archived because the policy is obsolete.

Summary of Changes

NL 00901.005 OEO Notices and Letters - General Information

Archived as obsolete

NL 00901.025 SSA-L1127 (Reply Regarding Your Earnings)

Archived as obsolete

NL 00901.030 Requests for Detailed Earnings Information

Archived as obsolete

NL 00901.140 Model Letters to Number Holders

Archived as obsolete

NL 00901.145 Response to Telephone Disagreement Inquiry

Archived as obsolete

NL 00901.150 Notice Language for an OEO Referral Letter

Archived as obsolete

NL 00901 TN 17 - OEO Notices and Letters - 4/14/2020