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CJB 21-01
Intended Audience:All Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) Personnel
Originating Office:Office of the Chief Administrative Law Judge
Title:Updated Business Process for the Electronic Non Medical Application
Type:Chief Judge Bulletins
Program:All Programs
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Retention Date: October 28, 2021

On March 20, 2021, Systems updated the Electronic Non Medical (ENM) Application to add new functionality.
    • Field Offices (FO) and Processing Centers (PC) are now able to establish cases and upload documents in ENM. More information regarding this update is in the Revised Emergency Message section below.

    • ENM now allows users from different hearing offices to edit the contents of a case file. Users will no longer need to contact an IT person to coordinate case editing permissions. See ENM Desk Guides.
    • Hearing Offices are able to make key corrections to case information, such as filing date, claim type, and jurisdiction. See ENM Desk Guides.
    • Representatives can now use barcodes to upload documents to ENM. The updated ENM Business Process provides instructions on how to create and send barcodes to representatives.
Revised Emergency Message (EM) Published

On March 25, 2021, Operations published a revised EM that provides updated instructions to FOs and PCs on transferring pending non-medical appeals in ENM to OHO and the Office of Appellate Operations (OAO) (EM-21000 SEN REV). These instructions replace the current process of emailing the HA-501 Request for Hearing by Administrative Law Judge to the designated OHO ENM mailbox for OHO to establish the case in ENM. Instead, FOs/PCs will now email OHO only after a case is both established in ENM and documents are uploaded. Since the March 25, 2021 EM release, Operations has been training its staff on the new procedures. Beginning on May 3, 2021, if hearing offices receive emails that include a HA-501, they should reply to the FO/PC and remind them that they should establish the case in ENM and follow the new procedures outlined in EM-21000 SEN REV.

The ENM Business Process includes all of these updates and is located on the OCALJ COVID-19 Guidance and Resources webpage under the ENM Resources tab. You can also find additional ENM training resources here.

    • While ENM allows us to internally process paper cases electronically, the paper folder for both disability (DIB) and non-disability (Non-DIB) cases remains the “official” folder. ENM simply functions as a parallel electronic repository for paper cases. After a disposition is issued, hearing offices are responsible for reassembling and/or printing a paper copy of the record and closing the case. Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, hearing offices should hold the paper file in their office until further notice.

    • Upload the Digital Recording and Processing System (DRAP) recordings of paper file hearings to ENM. DRAP Release 9.2 includes a new ENM hearing checkbox that automatically generates a Digital Recording ID to upload the hearing recording to the ENM application. Upon case closure, burn a CD of the recording and file it in the official paper file.
    • ENM will be used for newly receipted Non-DIB cases, pending Non-DIB cases which have not been worked up yet, and paper DIB cases which cannot be converted to electronic cases. Before using ENM for paper DIB cases, review SHOP section and try to convert any paper cases to electronic cases in eView following the instructions in the linked guides.
    • Non-DIB cases which were previously scanned into the Claims File User Interface (CFUI) will continue to be processed in CFUI and will not be added to ENM.

    • In January 2021, hearing offices began sending select paper DIB cases to a contract scanner to upload those paper cases into ENM. The paper file remains the official folder in those cases and must be retained.

    • At case closure, hearing offices must change the jurisdiction to OAO site code X94 (ENM Business Process).

Direct all program-related and technical questions to your Regional Office support staff. Regional Office support staff may refer questions or unresolved issues to their Headquarters’ contacts in the Office of the Chief Administrative Law Judge.


EM-21000 SEN REV – Instructions for Sending Non-Medical Appeals (NMA) to the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) and Office of Appellate Operations (OAO) using Electronic Non-Medical (ENM) application’s Create, Upload, and Transfer of Jurisdiction Functionality

SHOP Section – Ensure the Case is Truly a CEF

Electronic Non Medical Desk Guides

OCALJ COVID-19 Guidance and Resources

CJB 21-01 - Updated Business Process for the Electronic Non Medical Application - 04/28/2021