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DI 39521 TN 18
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Originating Office:DCO ODD
Title:DDS Training and Staff Development
Type:POMS Full Transmittals
Program:All Programs
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Part DI – Disability Insurance

Chapter 395 – DDS Fiscal and Administrative Management

Subchapter 21 – DDS Training and Staff Development

Transmittal No. 18, 05/11/2023

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Effective Date

Upon Receipt


DDRWM has been tasked with a review of ODD’s POMS chapters. We are reviewing to ensure all chapters are updated, and where policy needs changing or obsolete chapters need archiving, we are making those updates.

Summary of Changes

DI 39521.430 Audiovisual Equipment - DDS

We are requesting to archive this section which is no longer reflective of current DDS business practices.

DI 39521 TN 18 - DDS Training and Staff Development - 5/11/2023