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Title:EDCS/eView/EFI Print Documents Policy Instructions Will Follow Shortly
Type:EM - Emergency Messages
Program:Title II (RSI); Title XVI (SSI); Disability; Black Lung
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Retention Date: October 21, 2017

Certified Electronic Folder (CEF), Electronic Folder (EF) and Paper Cases


When SSA began deploying certified electronic folders in the early 2000s, most disability claims were paper. Electronic claims were the exception to the rule. Whenever a portion of the case was an electronic exclusion, the adjudicating office was required to print and file all documents in the paper folder. Cases were either electronic or paper.

The December 2015 EDCS/eView Release 32 provided functionality to add non-MSSICS claims (i.e., claims that for various reasons cannot be entered into MSSICS) in EDCS when a concurrent Title II claim was also filed or pending.

New Functionality:

Effective 06/18/16, EDCS/eView Release 33 provides the ability to add non-MSSICS claims without a Title II claim. Also provided is functionality to add an appeal in EDCS even if earlier levels were paper. This functionality establishes an electronic folder, captures all current appeal level documentation, allows for electronic processing and reduces the risk of lost paper appeals.

New Policy:

Documents stored in a partial electronic disability case remain electronic. There is no need to print electronic documents and place them in the paper folder as previously instructed.

This new policy applies to:
    · Concurrent cases using the same medical evidence–one claim is an EDCS exclusion, but the other is processed electronically; or
    · Non-MSSICS claims added to EDCS, at any adjudicative level, even if no Title II claim is available.
    IMPORTANT: When all claims in a case convert to paper, all documents must be printed. For example, when the Disability Determination Service (DDS) closes a case without a determination and the “No Determination” reason is “Stop Electronic Processing,” all documents must be printed and added to the paper folder.

    Exclusion: Multiple Pending Cases

    Multiple pending cases are cases with a current pending CDR classification case and an initial classification claim at any level (initial, reconsideration, or hearing) pending at the same time. For example, a Title XVI Age 18 redetermination and a Title II DIB or CDB. Another example is a Title II CDR and a new DI claim or appeal. These cases are still paper folders, even though one of the cases can be worked electronically. Print all documents at case closure.

    Hearing Level Cases:

    When a partial paper case reaches the hearing level, the hearing office (HO) will:
      · Fax or scan documen