Identification Number:
CJB 12-01
Intended Audience:All ODAR Hearing Level Personnel
Originating Office:ODAR Office of the Chief Administrative Law Judge
Title:New Procedures for Hearing Office Transcription Requests
Type:Chief Judge Bulletins
Program:All Programs
Link To Reference:HALLEX I-2-5-77
Retention Date: Until HALLEX Revisions Published

This bulletin revises the process for responding to a hearing transcript request when the claimant has not asked for Appeals Council (AC) review and the request is for program purposes (i.e., for use in pursuing a Social Security claim). A hearing office will use its cardholder’s purchasing authority to obtain hearing transcripts in these cases. Effective immediately, transcript requests should only be sent to the AC if the claimant has already appealed to the AC, or wants a transcript in connection with a submitted request for review.

This bulletin supersedes HALLEX I-2-5-77.A.2.b, pending its revision. For third party requests, a hearing office will continue to follow the instructions in HALLEX I-2-5-77.B (assuming the third party has the right to and permission to receive the information).

A hearing office that receives a transcript request for program purposes should follow these procedures:

    · Obtain a hearing transcript, using the hearing office cardholder’s purchasing authority. A hearing office will use the office common accounting number (CAN) and sub-object classification code (SOC) 2529.
      · A local transcriber may be found by contacting court reporting and transcription companies in your area. Such companies should be listed in the telephone book or on the Internet. A local court clerk’s office may also be able to make a referral.

    Once the transcript is received, associate a copy of the transcript with the folder prior to sending the transcript to the requestor.

    Direct all program–related and technical questions to your RO support staff. RO support staff may refer questions or unresolved issues to the appropriate Headquarters’ contact.

    CJB 12-01 - New Procedures for Hearing Office Transcription Requests - 06/29/2012