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Intended Audience:All RCs/ARCs/ADs/FOs/ OCO/OCO-CSTs/
Originating Office:ORDP OISP
Title:Enumeration: Ukrainian Humanitarian Parole Class of Admission (COA)
Type:EM - Emergency Messages
Program:Records Maintenance (Earnings & Enumeration)
Link To Reference:See References at the end of this EM
Retention Date: 01/13/2023

    A. Purpose
      This emergency message (EM) provides guidance for enumeration requests from customers admitted into the United States through Uniting for Ukraine.
    B. Background
      In April, President Biden announced Uniting for Ukraine, a streamlined process to provide Ukrainian citizens opportunities to come to the United States. In our efforts to support this initiative, SSA worked in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security and Department of State to enable qualified parolees to obtain a Social Security Number. Effective May 9, 2022, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements announced the new Class of Admission (COA) Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolee (UHP) for Ukrainians admitted as Parolees.
      Ukrainians applying for work authorization may have filed for an SSN card at the same time via the Enumeration Beyond Entry process, using USCIS’ Form I-765 (Application for Work Authorization).
    C. Field Office Processing Instructions

      Customers admitted into the United States under the Uniting for Ukraine process might possess one or more of the following documents:
        · Form I-94 with a COA of UHP,
        · Foreign passport with parole stamp that includes a COA of UHP or DT (parolee); or
        · Form I-766, Employment Authorization Document (EAD) with a category code of C11 (an alien paroled into the United States in the public interest or temporarily for emergency reasons), if they have applied for and received one. SSA uses the EAD for enumeration purposes only and will not disclose EAD category codes from management information to a third party without USCIS’ prior written authorization.

      Applicants must submit evidence of age, identity, and alien status. Per RM 10211.190, parolees may submit only one document to prove age, identity, and immigration status for an SSN card.

      In addition, applicants submitting a foreign passport with a parole stamp or Form I-94 with a COA of DT or UHP are not work authorized and must also provide a letter from a benefit granting agency to obtain an SSN (RM 10211.600).
      If the applicant submits Form I-94 then the technician should follow RM 10211.195.
      If the applicant submits Form I-766 then the technician should follow RM 10211.200.

      NOTE: Ukrainian Parolees do not fall under any provision provided under Operation Allies Welcome (OAW). Technicians should follow normal processing procedures for parolees utilizing the above documentation.
Direct all program-related and technical questions to your Regional Office (RO) support staff. RO support staff may refer questions, concerns, or problems to their Central Office contacts.

RM 10211.190 Evidence of Parolee Status for an SSN Card
RM 10211.195 Evidence of Parolee Status When Form I-94 is Submitted
RM 10211.200 Evidence of Parolee Status when an Employment Authorization
RM 10211.600 Requests for an SSN from an Alien without Work Authorization
EM-22038 - Enumeration: Ukrainian Humanitarian Parole Class of Admission (COA) - 07/13/2022