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Intended Audience:All RCs/ARCs/ADs/FOs/TSCs/PSCs/OCO
Originating Office:DCO ODD and DCO OPSOS
Title:Disaster Procedures – Gilroy Garlic Festival Mass Shooting – One Time Instruction
Type:EM - Emergency Messages
Program:All Programs
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Retention Date: 1/28/2020

This emergency message (EM) informs you that the San Francisco Regional Commissioner invoked our disaster procedures.

A. Background

The San Francisco Regional Commissioner has invoked SSA’s disaster procedures because of the Gilroy Garlic Festival Mass Shooting in Gilroy, California, on July 28, 2019. To date, there are 3 fatalities and at least 12 others injured.

B. FO claims processing instructions
GN 00410.000, Processing Claims and Payments in Disasters, to process survivor claims. Reproduce Exhibit 3 in GN 00410.050, Disaster Exhibits, for each claim. Forward or fax the forms on a flow basis to the proper contact below. Forward Exhibit 3 to the following contact:

Social Security Administration

Attn: Bill Zuroff

San Francisco Regional Office

Center for Disability and Programs Support

6th Floor

1221 Nevin Avenue

Richmond, CA 94801

FAX: 510-970-8101

    · All claims filed as a direct result of the disaster should be identified by coding “728”, per GN 00410.010B.2” in last three digits of the unit code on the DW01.
    · For Title II claims, enter the disaster listing code of “499” on the MCS DECI screen.
    · We will issue further instructions to identify the appropriate NDDSS Litigation Code.

C. SSNs for individuals affected by disaster
There is no change in policy for the evidence required by SSA to issue either an original or replacement SSN card. If the NH cannot provide sufficient evidence to obtain an SSN card because the evidence was lost or destroyed in a disaster, see guidelines in GN 00410.005. When it may be appropriate to provide the SSN Printout and the NH cannot provide sufficient identifying evidence, see the processing instructions in GN 03340.015, which provides policy on alternative identity verification criteria by a NH for access purposes. For SSN verifications when we invoke disaster procedures, please follow the process below:
      1. If a third-party (a local or state agency) sends an individual to the FO to obtain verification of his/her SSN, assist the individual in applying for a replacement SSN card with the appropriate evidence required per RM 10210.015. Upon request, you may provide verbal verification of the SSN to the replacement card applicant.
      2. If the individual states that the third-party sent them to the FO to obtain verification of his/her SSN, obtain written consent from the individual (Form-SSA-3288).
      3. Inform the individual that we will contact the requesting third-party to provide verbal verification of his or her SSN.
      4. Refer the individual’s name, SSN, signed SSA-3288, and third-party contact information to your local Point of Contact.

      NOTE: Individuals affected by an area in which SSA invoked disaster procedures (see GN 00401.001, Disaster Management Procedures) are still eligible to receive a SSN printout.
      See EM-14057 - New Standard Fees for Processing Non-Program-Related Requests for SSA Records & Changes in providing SSN Printouts, dated November 20, 2014, when it may be appropriate to provide the SSN Printout.

D. Responding to inquiries from displaced individuals
If you receive an inquiry from a displaced individual that did not receive his or her regularly scheduled payment from Social Security, as a result of severe weather or other emergencies, in most cases the individual can go to any open Social Security office and request an immediate payment.

You may assist the individual by checking the Office Closings and Emergencies page to find an open Social Security office. If the caller is unable to visit the office that day, inform the caller that we maintain a list of closed Social Security offices online.

Inform the caller that if his or her local Social Security office is closed, many services are available online.

Direct all program-related and technical questions to your RO support staff or PC OA staff. RO support staff or PC OA staff may refer questions or problems to their Central Office contacts.


GN 00401.000 Disaster Management
GN 00410.000 Processing Claims and Payments in Disasters
GN 00410.005 SSNs for Individuals Affected by Disaster
GN 00410.020 Processing Payment Actions in Disasters
GN 00410.050 Disaster Exhibits
GN 00301.060 Emergency Evidentiary Procedures

EM-19021 - Disaster Procedures – Gilroy Garlic Festival Mass Shooting – One Time Instruction - 07/31/2019