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Title:PolicyNet Publication System (PPS) Release 1.0
Type:EM - Emergency Messages
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Retention Date: February 20, 2019

A. Purpose
This emergency message (EM) announces the release of the PolicyNet Publication System (PPS).

B. Background
On August 25, 2018, the Division of PolicyNet Management (DPM) will implement PPS Release 1.0. PPS is the Agency application for authoring, editing, approving, and publishing policy and instructional documents to PolicyNet. PPS replaces the Policy Repository authoring system for POMS and TSCOG, the CAMP authoring system for MSOM, and a host of manual processes. PPS has an integrated XML Editor that allows authors to edit all documents directly inside the application. The XML Editor will eliminate most of the manual formatting issues. In addition, the approval process is now internal to PPS. Users will find a number of automated tasks in PPS that make publication of SSA instructional documents a more streamlined and efficient process.

C. Important Dates

    · August 20, 2018 – last day to submit requests for transmittal downloads or action item updates.
    · August 25, 2018 – PPS release 1.0. PolicyNet Repository will no longer be available for authors.
    · August 27, 2018 - authors will begin to initiate requests in PPS, including Quick Action Transmittal requests.

D. PPS Access for Users
For PPS access, users should email ^PPS Administrator. PPS Access is a two-step process: DPM will input the authors name in PPS, and the author or their manager will submit a Systems Access Management (SAM) request to add the proper profile(s) for access to the PPS production environment. DPM does not handle the systems aspect of the request; however, we will provide detailed instructions on how to submit the SAM request.

E. Handling pipeline POMS controls
Authors with open controls that are using the POMS template can follow the PPS process, or the hybrid process:

PPS process – author can wait until August 27, 2018, to initiate and complete their revisions in the PPS XML Editor and follow the PPS process for publication, or

Hybrid process – author will continue to use the POMS template to make their revisions. When the author’s document is at the FINAL stage, publications staff will convert the POMS template into XML format for use in PPS within 10 business days. The author will then send for AC signoff in PPS.

F. Quick Action Transmittals
PPS only allows for minor changes or transmittals. There is no process for action items in PPS. Instead, PPS users may submit Quick Action Transmittals for substantive minor changes that do not require an IRD or AC signoff. The chart provides information on when authors should submit either a Minor Change, Quick Action Transmittal, or full Transmittal.


(IRD or Waiver)

Quick Action Transmittal

(No IRD)

Minor Change
Requires AC Signoffs
Change to current policy or procedure

Major change - Substantive
Introducing new policy or procedure

Major change - Substantive
Clarification of policy, updating yearly payment/SGA amounts, any name, email, address, phone number changes, etc. Does not change or introduce new policy or procedure.

Change - Substantive
Fix typo, broken link – same URL, minor formatting error

Minor Change - Non-Substantive
                    Substantive - requires versioning history
                    Non-Substantive - does not require versioning

G. PPS Training Resources
The Publications Branch is currently updating AO POMS to reflect the PPS process, obsolete action item policy, and the new Quick Action Transmittal process. The PPS Author and PPS XML Editor VOD is available on the Office of Learning training site. We also have PPS training manuals and PowerPoints for users to view on our SharePoint site PPS Overview and Training Documents .

Headquarters components: Direct all questions related to PPS functionality and access to ^PPS Administrator.

Regions: Direct all program-related and technical questions to your Regional Office (RO) support staff. RO support staff or PSC OA staff may refer questions, concerns or problems to their Central Office contacts.

PPS Overview and Training Documents .
PPS Access Instructions
^PPS Administrator.

EM-18035 - PolicyNet Publication System (PPS) Release 1.0 - August 20, 2018