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DI 39503 TN 4
Intended Audience:See Transmittal Sheet
Originating Office:DCO ODD
Title:DDS Budget Procedures
Type:POMS Full Transmittals
Program:All Programs
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Part DI – Disability Insurance

Chapter 395 – DDS Fiscal and Administrative Management

Subchapter 03 – DDS Budget Procedures

Transmittal No. 4, 09/06/2023



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Effective Date

Upon Receipt


As part of ODD's review of its POMS secrtions, we are recommending that the following sections be archived.

Summary of Changes

DI 39503.280 Supplemental Budgets -- DDS

To be archived.

DI 39503.801 Submittal of Budget Request-Submittal Materials

To be archived.


DI 39503.810 Exhibit A-Workpower Analysis Summation-All Programs

To be archived.


DI 39503.811 Exhibit B-Personal Services-Average Salary by Position-All Positions

To be archived.

DI 39503.812 Exhibit C-Medical Cost Data

To be archived.

DI 39503.813 Exhibit D-Summary of Budget Data Related to Personal and Nonpersonal Services

To be archived.


DI 39503.814 Exhibit E-Workload Data

To be archived.

DI 39503.815 Exhibit F-Summary of Full-Time Staff

To be archived.


DI 39503.820 Exhibits-Budgetary Forms and Instructions

To be archived.

DI 39503 TN 4 - DDS Budget Procedures - 9/06/2023