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Intended Audience:All RCs/ARCs/ADs/FOs/PSCs/OCO
Originating Office:DCBFM OFPO
Title:Treasury Check Information System (TCIS) Query Functions Changes
Type:EM - Emergency Messages
Program:Title II (RSI); Title XVI (SSI); Disability
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Retention Date: March 31, 2018

A. Purpose

This EM explains the functional changes the Department of the Treasury Bureau of Fiscal Services (BFS) plans to make to Treasury Check Information System (TCIS) to ensure stability of the infrastructure.

B. Background

SSA has been experiencing a number of issues related to the stability of TCIS and the negative affect this has on our workloads. Treasury has been looking at numerous systematic and procedural measures to stabilize TCIS and to maintain its stability. Although the ideal solution is to fully implement Treasury’s Post Payment System (PPS) and decommission TCIS, this will not occur in the near future. In the interim, BFS reviewed the volume of queries and agency requests that stress the infrastructure of the TCIS platform. Currently, there is no limitation for payment queries and users can query payee records for an entire year at a time. As a result, Treasury is limiting the function to three high volume queries.

C. TCIS Query Changes

The high volume queries include:
1. Payee ID Queries - user provides a Payee ID and date range, and the system returns a list of associated checks or ACH payments
      · This is limited to payments made within the past 7 years. In addition, if the user provides a Payee ID, start date, and end date, the date range is restricted to 180 days (6 months).
2. Check Payment Details - user provides a check number, or selects a check # via drilldown from the check listing
      · This is limited to payments made within the past 7 years.
3. ACH Payment Details - user provides an Automated Clearing House (ACH) trace number, or selects an ACH number from the results of the Payee ID Query
      · This is limited to payments made within the past 7 years.
D. Manual Process for Queries over 7 Years

Effective October 2, 2017, if you run queries in excess of 7 years, you must contact the Treasury Help Desk at 1-855-868-0151, select Option 1, and then select Option 2 to obtain assistance.
When you select these options, the call jumps to the top of the queue. Then Treasury records your specific query request and responds within 24 hours via email.

Direct all program–related and technical questions to your Regional Office (RO) support staff or Payment Service Center (PSC) OA staff. RO support staff or PSC OA staff may refer questions or problems to their Central Office contacts.

EM-17026 - Treasury Check Information System (TCIS) Query Functions Changes - 09/13/2017