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RM 03851 TN 4
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Originating Office:DCO OCO OEIO DTPS
Title:Processing Congressional and Other Special Inquiries
Type:POMS Transmittals
Program:All Programs
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Part RM – Records Maintenance
Chapter 038 – Earnings Discrepancies
Subchapter 51 – Processing Congressional and Other Special Inquiries
Transmittal No. 4, 11/20/2020


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The POMS section should be updated to improve the content for readability and tone.

This is a Quick Action Transmittal. These revisions do not change or introduce new policy.

Summary of Changes

RM 03851.009 Obtaining Any Necessary FO Development of Earnings Discrepancy Cases Currently Located in OCRO on Which Congressional or Other Special Inquiries Have Been Received

Revised section title for clarity.

In A., added comma after "telephone".

In B., replaced "If it becomes necessary to...", with "If necessary,", added "and" before "call...", removed "that" before "you are", and replaced "to be expedited" with "for expeditious handling".

In C., replaced "Have the..." with "Update the", replaced "updated to show..." with "remarks that...", replaced "is being developed..." with "under development".

In D., inserted "the" after "request".

In E., replaced "three requests" with "three (3) status requests,".



RM 03851.009 Handling Congressional or Other Special Inquiries that are Earnings Discrepancy Cases Involving the FO

  1. A. 

    Request all FO development by telephone, if possible.

  2. B. 

    If necessary, prepare a memorandum to the FO, and call them in advance to explain that you are sending a case with congressional interest for expeditious handling.

  3. C. 

    Update the electronic control system remarks that the case is under development in the FO.

  4. D. 

    If necessary, request the status by telephone every 14 days.

  5. E. 

    If no response is received after three (3) status requests, call the regional office.

RM 03851 TN 4 - Processing Congressional and Other Special Inquiries - 11/20/2020