GN 00302.100 Developing Evidence of Age When There is No Preferred Evidence

A. Policy

When the DB is not based on preferred evidence, normally at least two documents or records are required to serve as a basis for a determination of an individual's DB. One of these must be the NUMIDENT (see C. below).

EXCEPTION: See GN 00302.190 for an exception to this two-document rule.

B. Usable evidence

The following records, not necessarily in priority order, may be available as proof of age:


  • School record

  • State census record

  • Federal census record (first or second decennial census after birth; if not available, then a later one)

  • Bible or other family record

  • Church record of baptism (age 5 or older) or confirmation

  • Insurance policy

  • Marriage record

  • Employment record

  • Labor union record

  • Fraternal organization record

  • Military record

  • Voting record

  • Vaccination record

  • Delayed birth certificate

  • Claimant's child's BC

  • Physician's or midwife's record of birth

  • Immigration record

  • Naturalization record

  • Passport

  • U.S. passport card

  • Police record

  • Medical records

C. When NUMIDENT query is required

Use the NUMIDENT query to obtain overnight or online NUMIDENT information (see RM 10240.015) in all claims where the DB must be established based on other than preferred evidence. If the claimant has multiple SSN's, obtain a NUMIDENT for each, unless you know the SSN's have been cross-referred. Include a copy of the NUMIDENT in the claims folder. Request the NUMIDENT where the DB is based on:

  • Automatically convincing evidence (see GN 00302.110-GN 00302.118), or

  • Combination of documents (see GN 00302.125), or

  • Best evidence in material discrepancy cases (see GN 00302.170), or

  • Exceptions to normal development for claimants who are

    • Age 73 or older (see GN 00302.040), or

    • Age 68 or older filing for SSI (see GN 00302.290).

      NOTE: Where the NUMIDENT information raises questions as to whether the SSN belongs to the claimant or whether the claimant's identifying information has been erroneously added to another individual's SSN record.

D. SSN missing from NUMIDENT file

Where the SSN record is missing from the NUMIDENT file, the query response will include the message: “SSN: NNN-NN-NNNN NIF as of MM/DD/YY.” The record may not have been established for various reasons, e.g.:

  • The SS-5 was not keyed in when an SSN was obtained through an emergency process.

  • There was no information in the SS-5 file about the NH when the NUMIDENT file was created. Assume that the SSN belongs to the individual unless other information in file raises a doubt.

In these cases only, another SSA record may serve in place of the NUMIDENT. See GN 00302.120 for other SSA records which may be used if no NUMIDENT record exists for a claimant. Include the NUMIDENT query response in file when another SSA record is being used.

E. Cross-references

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