TN 19 (04-24)

GN 03340.065 Access to Evidential Records in the Office of Hearing Operations (OHO)

A. Policy on disclosing information from a hearing record

An individual may request access to and examine all evidence that is to be a part of the hearing record, either before or during the hearing. An individual’s appointed representative may also request the same evidence during the course of the representation. For information about handling cases while at the hearing level, see GN 03103.190 through GN 03103.230.

B. Procedure for requesting access to records from hearing cases

1. Hearing pending

For access requests received while the hearing is pending, request the hearing office staff send an electronic copy of the folder (via a compact disc) or a photocopy of the material needed to satisfy the access request. Do not request the entire claims file unless it is necessary to fulfill the individual’s request.

2. Hearing recordings

We record all hearings on audio recordings. The claimant or representative can receive a duplicate recording via a compact disc. If the requestor wants a transcript in connection with a request for review, he or she should include the request for a transcript with the request for review. OAO will inform the requestor of the cost of the transcript and how to pay for the transcript. Send requests for recordings or transcripts to:

Social Security Administration

Office of Appellate Operations

6401 Security Blvd

Baltimore, MD 21235-6401

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