TN 4 (09-99)

RS 01601.115 Railroad Service Before 1937


RR service before 1937 is creditable under the RR Act if the NH was in active RR service or had an “employment relationship” with an employer on 08/29/ 35. A NH has an employment relationship if the person worked in RR service for at least 6 months after 08/29/35 and before 1946. The creditability of prior service depends upon the availability of service records and verification of the service records.

RRB has the responsibility for deciding about an employment relationship. A general file was created by RRB to establish records of RR workers before 1937. Many RR employers have turned their payroll records over to RRB for all available years before 1937. If RRB does not have the NH's prior service records, RRB will contact the RR employer where necessary.

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RS 01601.115 - Railroad Service Before 1937 - 08/30/1999
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