TN 15 (11-02)

DI 13010.640 The Modify Medical Information Data (MMDS) Screen

A. Procedure – When to use the MMDS Screen

Use the MMDS to modify or change medical data in the DCF. This can be reviewed in the update or query mode.

B. Procedure – How to get to the MMDS Screen

To get to the MMDS screen.

  • SELECT 32, DISABILITY CONTROL FILE, from SSA's main menu (MAIN) screen.

  • SELECT 15, MODIFY MEDICAL DATA, on the MCDR screen, or SELECT 3, PC UPDATE on the MCDR screen and then SELECT 9 on the IPCA screen.

  • SELECT 1,3,4, or 5 on the ECDR screen.

C. Reference – MMDS Screen

MSOM CDR 001.017

D. Procedure – Reading and Completing the MMDS

The MMDS contains the disability related decisional and diary data. The information displayed will depend on the method of accessing the MMDS and will be propagated based upon determination data on file. If accessing via SELECT 15 from the MCDR screen, all data will be displayed. Incomplete or incorrect data can be entered by correcting the incorrect data or filling-in missing data. Corrective data should be taken from the SSA-832/SSA-833 in file if it has not propagated correctly. When accessing the MMDS screen through the IPCA screen the first column will be left blank.

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