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DI 22520.001 Disposition of Trailer Material

A. Introduction

The Disability Determination Services (DDS) often receives medical evidence, evidence of work activity, auxiliary applications, or other documents after releasing a disability claim and following adjudication. This is known as trailer material. It is the responsibility of the DDS to evaluate trailer material, determine if it affects the determination, and, if necessary, consider the rules for reopening or revision.

Whenever trailer material is received in the DDS, check eView to see if the folder is a Certified Electronic Folder (CEF). How to handle trailer material will depend on whether the folder is a CEF or paper. All new evidence received as trailer material for electronic cases must be added to the CEF. General instructions for disposition of trailer material in a CEF are located in Trailer Material DI 81020.140.

NOTE: For paper folders, the claimant’s Social Security Number (SSN) or Number Holder’s (NH) SSN (for Child Disability Beneficiary/Disabled Widow(er) Benefits (CDB/DWB) claims) must be clearly displayed on all trailer material before it is forwarded to the appropriate office. When necessary, write the appropriate SSN on the upper right hand corner of all trailer material.

B. Operating Guidelines

The DDS must examine trailer material to determine if it will affect the determination. When trailer material is received in the DDS, compare it with the DDS records of claims processing, (residual paper records for paper cases and eView information for CEF cases) and evaluate the material to determine if it affects the claim. To determine the disposition of trailer material, screen the material against the completed SSA-831, SSA-832 or the SSA-833.

1. Determine If Trailer Material Affects the Determination

Trailer material may affect the determination if:

  1. a. 

    The claim was a denial or cessation and trailer material indicates:

    • A more severe impairment exists; or

    • There are additional impairments not previously
      evaluated; or

    • The basis for the denial should be changed; Or:

  2. b. 

    The claim was an allowance or continuance and the material indicates:

    • The claimant returned to substantial gainful activity in the waiting period or before the most recent continuance; or

    • The onset date should be earlier or later than established; or

    • A denial or cessation may be appropriate.

    See Processing Adverse Reopening Cases DI 27530.005 as necessary.

2. Determine Disposition of Material

Refer to Trailer Material Affects the Determination DI 22520.005 below for instruction on handling trailer material that may affect the determination. See Trailer Material Does Not Affect the Determination DI 22520.010 for disposition of trailer material that does not affect the determination. Consult Trailer Material Involving Work, Death, and Non-Disability Evidence DI 22520.015 for cases in which the trailer evidence may affect the determination and a special situation is involved.

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