TN 13 (05-02)

DI 26525.050 The Vocational Diary

A. Policy

Set the vocational diary when the adult:

  • is undergoing vocational therapy which is expected to enhance his/ her vocational profile, and

  • the enhanced vocational profile (i.e., residual functional capacity, age, education, past relevant work, and skills) will likely result in cessation because the MIRS “vocational therapy” exception will be met, and

  • the vocational therapy will be completed before the applicable MIE or MIP diary matures.

NOTE: This diary applies to currently disabled individuals. Do not confuse it with situations in which individuals who are no longer disabled continue to receive benefits under the Vocational Rehabilitation Section 301 provisions (see DI 28060.000). See DI 28020.150A. for information about vocational therapy.

B. Procedure

Complete the diary block of Forms SSA-831-C3/U3 (item 17) and SSA-832-C3/U3 SSA-833-C3/U3 (item 23) as follows:

1. Diary Type

Enter “MRN”.

2. Diary Date

Enter two-digit month, day, and year for the month after the month the vocational therapy is expected to end. Use “01” for the day.

NOTE: The diary date can contain four to six characters depending on the Legacy system used by a particular State DDS e.g. 08/05; 08/01/05; 08/2005.

3. Diary Reason

Enter “U”.

C. Reference

For SSA-831-C3/U3 diary coding instructions, see DI 26510.020H.

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