TN 1 (10-02)

DI 55002.020 Ticket Mailer Packages

NOTE: Effective June 1, 2011, we have suspended mailing ticket packages.

A. Description of ticket mailer packages

1. Beneficiary/Recipient ticket mailer package

A beneficiary's/recipient's ticket mailer package includes three items:

  • a ticket (see DI 55099.001);

  • a notice, the SSA-L1359 (see DI 55099.005), explaining the important points about the Ticket to Work program and giving the Program Manager's, MAXIMUS', toll-free telephone numbers and website; and

  • SSA Publication Number (Pub. No.) 05-10061, “The Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program.”

2. Representative payee, legal guardian, or authorized representative ticket mailer package

A representative payee's, legal guardian's, or authorized representative's mailer package includes two items:

  • a notice with the exact text of the beneficiary's/recipient's letter, the SSA-L1360 (see DI 55099.010), and

  • SSA Pub. No. 05-10061.

NOTE: The mailer packages for representative payees, legal guardians, and authorized representatives will not include a ticket because these individuals cannot use the ticket.

3. Spanish notices and booklets

Spanish versions of the ticket notices and publication are available. However, tickets are available in English only.

  • The Spanish version of the beneficiary's/recipient's ticket notice is the SSA-L1359-SP (see DI 55099.006).

  • The Spanish version of the representative payee's, legal guardian's, or authorized representative's ticket notice is the SSA-L1360-SP (see DI 55099.011).

  • The Spanish version of the Ticket to Work program publication is SSA Pub. No. 05-10961.

B. Description of a ticket (see DI 55099.001)

A ticket is a red, white, and blue document that is approximately 6” by 9” in size.

1. Left side of ticket

a. Beneficiary/Recipient name and ticket number

The beneficiary's/recipient's name appears on the left side of the ticket, followed by the ticket number. The ticket number consists of 12 characters that include:

  • the beneficiary's/recipient's own social security number,

  • the letters TW, signifying Ticket to Work, and

  • a number.

NOTE: A number “1” in the last position signifies this is the first ticket the beneficiary/recipient has received. A duplicate ticket, issued under the procedure in DI 55002.030C, will have the same ticket number as the original ticket. However, a subsequent ticket (e.g., for a new period of entitlement or eligibility; for benefit reinstatement) will have a subsequent ticket number.

b. Claim account number

The claim account number appears just below the beneficiary's/recipient's name and ticket number.

c. Issue date

The issue date appears on the next line. This is the date the system selected beneficiary's/recipient's record.

2. Right side of ticket

The right side of the ticket contains descriptive language about the Ticket to Work program and the Commissioner's signature.

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