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DI 55010.001 General Policy About Employment Networks

A. Definitions - employment network

1. What is an employment network?

An employment network (EN) is any qualified entity that enters into an agreement with SSA to function as an EN under the Ticket to Work program.

2. What type of entity may be an employment network?

An EN may be any qualified agency or instrumentality of a State (or a political subdivision of the State) or a private entity. It may be a single entity or an association or consortium of entities that combine resources.

B. Procedures for ENs

1. How does an entity other than a State VR agency become an employment network?

An entity other than a State VR agency submits an application in response to SSA's Request for Application (RFA) under SSA’s Ticket Purchase Agreement for ENs, which is available at SSA’s online Work Site. (See DI 55060.005C concerning a State VR agency's options under the Ticket program.) Since recruitment of ENs will be an ongoing process, the RFA is open and continuous. The Program Manager for the Ticket program (see DI 55005.001) is responsible for recruiting potential ENs, assisting SSA in evaluating potential ENs, and assisting potential ENs in completing all necessary enrollment documents.

2. What does an employment network do?

An EN is responsible for coordinating and delivering employment services, VR services, or other support services to beneficiaries with disabilities who assign a ticket to the EN. The EN delivers these services under an Employment Plan (see DI 55020.001). Participation in the Ticket program is voluntary for the beneficiary and the EN. An EN has the right to select whom it will serve based on both its assessments of the needs of the individual and its ability to help the beneficiary.

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