Basic (01-08)

DI 81010.015 Time-Out Due to Lack of Activity

A time out occurs after 30 minutes due to lack of activity (i.e. moving from one page to another) in the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) and when a case is locked for update in eView. Entering data (on the same page) will not prevent a time out from occurring. If a user remains on one page for more than 30 minutes the data entered on that page will be lost and the user will be directed to the Alerts and Messages page in eView for that case.

NOTE: After 27 minutes of inactivity in EDCS, the user receives a warning that a time out will soon occur. To continue the session for another 30 minutes, select the “OK” button on the dialogue box. There is no limit on how many times the session can be extended.

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