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DI 81010.050 Fields and Edits in the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS)

A. Types of Mandatory Fields

Cases cannot be transferred in EDCS unless the mandatory fields are complete. There are two types of mandatory fields in EDCS:

  • “Mandatory for Page Exit” fields; and

  • “Always Mandatory for Transfer” fields.

1. “Mandatory for Page Exit” fields

“Mandatory for Page Exit” fields:

  • Require completion before moving to the next screen in EDCS; and

  • Have a prefix of an asterisk (e.g., “*First Name”).

2. “Always Mandatory for Transfer” fields

“Always Mandatory for Transfer” fields:

  • Require completion before transferring jurisdiction of a case; and

  • Do not have an identifying mark on the EDCS screen (e.g., an asterisk).

EDCS provides a transfer edit check that allows you to verify that all “Always Mandatory for Transfer” fields have been completed.

B. Edits Function

The Edits Function of EDCS checks data to ensure:

  • The data is entered in a valid format;

  • All required fields are complete; and

  • The data corresponds with data entered on other screens.

EDCS checks for edits:

  • When a user selects the “Check Edits” button on the EDCS toolbar; and

  • During the EDCS transfer process.

1. Collect Edits Screen

The Collect Edits screen appears when the EDCS user:

  • Chooses to run the Edit Function; or

  • Attempts to transfer the case in EDCS and edits are found.

EDCS identifies the incomplete field or incorrect data and the primary screen where it is located, and displays it on the Collect Edits screen. The edits are divided into two categories:

a. Always Mandatory for Transfer

These edits must be resolved prior to case transfer and cannot be overridden.

b. Mandatory for Transfer

The EDCS user must make every attempt to resolve these types of edits prior to case transfer. However, if resolution is impossible, an individual with a supervisory profile can override it. The supervisor must:

  • Enter EDCS using their own PIN; and

  • Select the override function appearing on the Collect Edits screen.

NOTE: “Mandatory for Transfer” edits do not apply when transferring the case from FO to FO.

2. Resolving Edits

EDCS may identify edits as a result of incomplete or incorrect:

  • Propagated data; and/or

  • Keyed entries.

a. Edits from Propagated Data

Edits from propagated data occur if missing or incorrect data has been propagated from the mainframe systems. To resolve this type of edit:

  • Correct the missing or incorrect data on the mainframe system; and

  • Attempt to transfer the case. EDCS will allow case transfer if the edits are resolved.

NOTE: EDCS automatically performs the repropagation function when transferring the case. Repropagation can also be performed manually prior to transfer to resolve the edit, as well. For more information on Data Repropagation, see DI 81010.035 – Data Repropagation.

b. Edits from Keyed Entries

Edits from keyed entries occur when incorrect or incomplete data is:

  • Keyed into the case; or

  • Omitted from the case.

To resolve this type of edit, use the following instructions:

  • Return to the screen indicated in the edits legend;

  • Complete/correct the required information. Selecting the edit legend on the “Collect Edits” screen will result in EDCS returning you to the primary screen containing the incorrect/incomplete field; and

  • Select the “Check Edits” link from the toolbar again to verify the edit was resolved and correct any remaining edits.

NOTE: The field requiring correction is not highlighted and may not be visible on the primary page (may appear on a secondary page), so before you leave the “Collect Edits” screen be sure to note what field requires correction.

c. Edits from Internet Disability Reports (IDRs)

Edits from IDRs are usually the result of unanswered questions. To resolve these edits:

  • Review the EDCS case for completeness; and

  • Contact the claimant for missing information and/or clarify entries to resolve the edits before attempting to transfer the case.

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