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DI 81010.240 Transferring the Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR)

The FO must transfer the eCDR Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) record to the DDS after it has linked to the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF), associated the paper Comparison Point Decision (CPD) folder, or documented an unable to locate folder situation. Use of the SSA-831-U3 and the DI02/DI16 in Completing the SSA-831 - DI 11010.205, and Transferring Cases in EDCS - DI 81010.085, contain instructions for transferring claims to the DDS. The same transfer rules apply to eCDRs. Follow these steps to transfer the eCDR to the DDS in the order described.

A. Transfer the eCDR on the Disability Control File (DCF)

Use the CDR WAC Web Worksheet (CDR WWW) program and existing procedures to transfer the eCDR to the DDS. If CDR WWW is not used, manually transfer the CDR on the DCF.

B. Transfer the eCDR in EDCS

  • Review the claim to resolve any edits;

  • Select the Transfer/Updates tab in EDCS;

  • Answer “Yes” to the paper folder indicator (PFI) question if the CDR involves a paper CPD folder.

    NOTE: If the CPD is a CEF and is linked to the eCDR, the PFI will default to “No”;

  • Select the cases to transfer and enter “OK”.

  • Immediately after the EDCS transfer, transfer the CDR jurisdiction to the DDS on the DCF.

NOTE: Transfer all eCDR claims on the case at the same time.

C. Associate the Transfer/Routing Sheet

The EDCS route sheet is automatically generated at the point of transfer. If the CPD folder is a (n):

1. Electronic CPD

Attach the EDCS routing form to the paper forms (SSA-454, SSA-827s, SSA-821, etc.) and mail to the DDS. The DDS will image the 454 into the electronic folder.

2. Paper CPD

Insert the appropriate Disability Report Form and SSA-827s into Section E Disability Related Development (Blue) of the paper MDF. Additionally,

  • Ensure the question “Are you sending a paper folder that contains medical evidence for the last favorable disability determination?” is answered correctly by selecting the “yes” button;

  • Complete the top portion of the eCDR Paper CPD Folder Flag and attach it to the paper folder;

  • Place the EDCS routing form on top of the CPD folder flag; and

  • Mail the paper CPD folder to the DDS/ODAR.

NOTE: If using CDR WWW to control the CDR, DO NOT select and use the route sheet produced by that program; use the EDCS route sheet.

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