TN 40 (09-22)

NL 00725.460 ‘VRN” UTIs – Vocational Rehabilitation

VRN005 State Vocational Rehabilitation Services are Available (All DIB Denials)

If you want to ask about counseling, training, and other services to help you in going to work, contact the nearest State vocational rehabilitation office. Their phone number is in the blue pages of your telephone book under State Government. You can also go to our Office of Employment Support Programs' website at  (1)  . Click on the State where you live and it will provide your local vocational rehabilitation agency's address and telephone number.


VRN006 Referral to a State Agency for Vocational Rehabilitation Services

A vocational rehabilitation or employment services provider may contact  (1)  to help  (2)  in going to work. The provider may be from a State agency or work under contract with Social Security.

If  (3)  to work, we have special rules that let us continue  (4)  cash payments and health care coverage. To learn more about how work and earnings affect disability benefits, please contact us.  (5)  can also visit our website at  (6)  to find the following publications with additional information:

  • Social Security - Working While Disabled...How We Can Help (SSA Publication No. 05-10095).

  • Social Security - If You Are Blind--How We Can Help (SSA Publication No. 05-10052).

(1) “you”/FN
(2) “you”/“him”/“her”
(3) “you go”/FN plus “goes”
(4) “your”/“his”/“her”
(5) "You"/"He"/"She"

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