TN 24 (12-17)

NL 00725.480 “WDW” UTIs – Withdrawal

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 (1)  Withdrawal Can Be Cancelled

(1) SN

WDW006 How to Cancel a Withdrawal

If you change your mind and want to receive these benefits, you may cancel your withdrawal by filing a written request with us. You have up to 60 days after the date of this letter to ask for cancellation. After the 60 days are over, you have to file a new application if you want to receive these benefits. You will not lose any benefits if you cancel your withdrawal within the 60 days.

WDW012 Pre-Adjudicative Withdrawal Approval

We have approved your request to withdraw  (1)  claim for all Social Security  (2)  .

(1) FN possessive/“your”
(2)retirement benefits/disability benefits/spouse's benefits/benefits

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NL 00725.480 - “WDW” UTIs – Withdrawal - 12/21/2017
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