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RM 10211.200 Evidence of Parolee Status When an Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766) is submitted

Form I-766 with the proper section of DHS law referenced as described in this section, establishes both the parolee’s immigration status and employment authorization.

A. Acceptable evidence

If a parolee provides a properly annotated I-766, accept it alone as evidence of the parolee’s status and employment authorization. A parolee, who submits an I-766, is issued an SSN card with the legend, “VALID FOR WORK WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION”.

If a parolee only presents a Form I-94 (Arrival Departure Record) and does not submit an I-766, see RM 10211.195.

If the parolee presents both an I-94 and I-766, the exception to requiring two documents does not apply. Enter the I-766 in the Proof of Legal Alien Status page and the I-94 in the Proof of Identity and Proof of Age page. For additional information, see RM 10210.020 D.

B. Description of I-766 issued to parolees

An I-766 is acceptable evidence of parolee immigration status with employment authorization when it shows on the face of the card under category, “A4”,”A04”, “A-4”, or “C11”. When an I-766 shows these codes, select the appropriate entry in the drop-down list in the “Proof of Alien Status” page in the Enumeration System.

NOTE: If the I-766 shows a different category, it does not establish parolee status and two documents are required to assign an SSN.

See Details

  • Administrative Confidential Memorandum (ACM), for an exhibit of Form I-766

C. Verifying parolee status through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) when I-766 is submitted

1. SAVE initial verification (IV) response

The SAVE IV response verifies the parolee is employment authorized when the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) response is “Temporary Employment Authorized.”

If the IVR response indicates Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status, refer to RM 10211.025 to determine if it is acceptable evidence of LPR status.

2. SAVE additional verification (AV) response

The SAVE AV response verifies the applicant is a parolee when the DHS response shows:

  • “Parolee”, and

  • “Authorized Full Time with Expiration Date”.

D. References

  • RM 10210.020, Number of Documents Required for an SSN Card

  • RM 10211.190, Evidence of Parolee Status for an SSN Card

  • RM 10211.195, Evidence of Parolee Status When Form I-94 is Submitted

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