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RM 10212.090 Evidence of a Name Change based on a US Issued Amended or Corrected Birth Certificate

Accept a US issued amended or corrected Birth Certificate (BC), showing the child’s new name as evidence of a name change.

NOTE: The BC may not show that the record is amended or corrected.

EXCEPTION: When either a US citizen or foreign national applies for an SSN card at a Foreign Service post (FSP) or Veterans Administration Regional Office (VARO) a foreign BC may be acceptable evidence of a name change under the SSN and foreign evidence guidelines.

A. Background information only on processes involved in obtaining an amended or corrected BC

1. Child’s Birth Certificate amended for paternity issues.

A child’s name may be amended or corrected for various reasons such as paternity issues, adoption, and State rules permitting a name change based on a parent’s affidavit.

One of the most common reasons a BC is amended is for paternity reasons.

Generally, an unmarried mother’s surname is shown on the birth certificate as their child’s surname unless the father of the child signs a form at the hospital acknowledging paternity or there is a court order concerning paternity. If the father acknowledges paternity, and both of the parents consent to have the child’s surname changed on the birth certificate, then the State office of vital records will change the birth certificate to show the father’s surname as the child’s surname. The father’s name may also be added or changed based on acknowledgment of paternity.

In most States, the way to acknowledge paternity is to sign an official form acknowledging paternity. This form is known as a paternity affidavit, acknowledgement of paternity, declaration of paternity, recognition of parentage, paternity establishment, or order of legitimation. The father may also file a legal action (go to court for an order of paternity) to acknowledge paternity of the child.

When the child’s surname is changed based on acknowledgement of paternity, the State office of vital records issues a new or amended birth certificate for the child.

In many cases, if the paternity of the child is acknowledged shortly after birth, the child may not have an identity document showing their name as it is shown on the Numident.

2. Adult or Child’s Birth Certificate amended because of administrative name change to support Gender Identity

Some U.S. States allow individuals to change their name on the birth record to reflect gender identity without court involvement. Individuals who use these provisions to change their name may receive an approval letter from the State authorizing the name change along with the amended / corrected birth certificate.

State approval letters may include:

  • the issuing agency’s letterhead

  • a raised stamp, or affixed seal of the issuing agency

  • a statement on the basis for the change that was filed with the issuing State agency

  • the State Registrar’s signature

  • the applicant’s biographical data (such as prior name, date of birth) that matches the Numident record

  • the applicant’s new name and birth certificate number that matches the amended / corrected birth certificate.

NOTE: For gender changes based on the birth record see RM 10212.200B.

B. References

  • RM 10212.095, Evidence Required to Process a Name Change on the SSN based on an Amended or Corrected Birth Certificate.

  • RM 10212.200, Changing Numident Data for Reasons other than Name Change.

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