TN 66 (07-23)

GN 00203.004 Taking the Claim

A. Procedure

1. Completing Forms and Developing Proofs

  1. a. 

    Provide any needed assistance to complete the application and related forms.

    NOTE: When the claimant self-help process is not used, attempt to ensure the claimant knows the answers are theirs. You can read them back, and tactfully call attention to the penalty clause.

  2. b. 

    Questions on title II applications do not have to be asked in sequence and can be paraphrased as long as the full meaning is kept. Questions on SSI paper applications may be paraphrased but need to be completed in sequence because they are in decision-logic format.

  3. c. 

    Do not ask leading questions; i.e., worded in such a way as to suggest the proper or desired answer.

  4. d. 

    Provide enough information so that claimants can make informed choices, but do not give advice.

  5. e. 

    Aim at completing all documentation at first contact via a complete interview.

  6. f. 

    Explain the importance of returning forms promptly whenever documentation is not completed at first contact.

2. Providing Forms

Provide the following forms, notices, or electronic versions to help claimants understand what information or evidence is needed.

  • SSA-9 (Listing of Proofs)

  • SSA-L8009-U3 (Request for SSI Information Evidence) (See SI 00601.120 for the use of the SSA-L8009-U3.)

  • Starter Kit when mailing an appointment confirmation notice. See DI 11005.018B.

B. Documentation

  • Review office records i.e., Supplemental Security Income Record (SSR), Master Beneficiary Record (MBR), Summary Earnings Query (SEQY) etc. that you need. If prior claims have been filed, determine if they are still under appeal.

  • Obtain names of other potential claimants so that simultaneous development, timely applications and necessary proofs can be taken.

  • Record leads on system developmental screens (e.g., DW01, etc.,) or other FO record (e.g., SSA-250).

  • Follow current procedures regarding deferral of applications and development in disability claims. (See DI 11010.025.)

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