TN 59 (07-23)

GN 00205.145 Significance of Items on Spouse's Applications

A. Name at birth

Use the answer to assure that the claimant is the person shown on the proof of age and proof of marriage. Reconcile if a name other than that shown on proofs is present.

B. Inability to work

If the claimant answers “Yes” to inability to work, determine if the claimant may meet the requirements for DIB. Follow GN 00205.035 if disability is alleged

C. Statement about type of marriage

Use to determine acceptable proof of marriage. For proof of marriage information, see RS 00202.070.

NOTE: Deemed marriage provisions require a ceremonial marriage.

D. Marital history

We collect marital history, per GN 00205.070, to determine eligibility to benefits. Use the responses to determine if proof of termination of prior marriage(s) is required. Get all the information in this item. For developing proof of termination, see GN 00305.120 and GN 00305.140. For deemed spouse development, see GN 00305.055.

E. Government Pension Offset (GPO)

Always get the answer to this question, even from divorced spouses. For more information, see GN 02608.100.

F. Child in care

Entitlement as a spouse sometimes depends on having an entitled child in care.

If the claimant answers “Yes” to having a child in their care, decide if unreduced benefits are payable or if the spouse must answer the month of election (MOEL) question for reduced benefits. Use the answer to this question to determine if the interviewer must consider deemed filing per GN 00204.035.

G. Reference

GN 00205.095 RSDI Applications - Enrollment for Supplementary Medical Insurance Benefits (SMIB)


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