TN 31 (07-21)

GN 00302.500 Public Record of Birth

A. Availability of birth records

To determine whether birth records exists for the claimant's place/time of birth see listings in:

B. Procedures

IF... THEN...

Assisting the claimant in requesting a certificate of the public record of birth

  • Use an SSA-L706 (Letter to Custodian of Birth Records) which specifically asks for the date the record was established.

  • See GN 00302.070 for more details on the use of the SSA-L706.

    NOTE: In the absence of evidence to the contrary, assume that a domestic BC was registered shortly after birth.

The birth record submitted was established after the individual's fifth birthday (i.e., a delayed birth certificate (DBC)) See GN 00302.540.

The claimant offers to have a DBC established

  • Ask claimant instead to give us the evidence which would be submitted to the State.

  • Such evidence may be sufficient if it meets proof-of-age requirements.

The certification of birth was issued by one State attesting to the claimant's birth in another State or in another country

NOTE: Always examine the public record of birth carefully to ascertain whether it was issued by the State of birth.

  • The probative value of the records is considerably lessened.

  • Treat the record as an ordinary record rather than as a public record of birth.

    NOTE: While the most frequent form such certifications take is that of a DBC, it may appear to be a regular BC or a notification of birth registration.

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